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We and a Brief History of Touch Screen

We and a Brief History of Touch Screen


As everyone knows, we are a company specializing in R&D, production and manufacturing of touch screens, with mature production technology and production lines, to provide customers with customizable touch screen services. In these years since the company's establishment, the research and development level has reached the world-class level, winning the favor of customers. From infrared touch screens to capacitive touch screens, integrated computer touch screens, etc., various types of multi-size displays are frequently traded in the hands of customers every day.

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Why has the touch screen been more and more widely used now? How much do you know about the development history of touch screen technology? It is very important to review the first thirty years of touch technology so that we can truly understand the multi-touch technology that we are accustomed to today. Today, let’s take a look at when these technologies appeared and who introduced them. Today, let’s take a look at the development history of touch screens.

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the first finger-driven touchscreen invented by E.A. Johnson.



Dr G. Samuel Hurst invents the first resistive touchscreen almost by accident.



PLATO IV becomes one of the first generalized computer-assisted instruction systems. It's the first touchscreen to be used in a classroom.



First human-controlled multitouch device developed at University of Toronto.


Myron Krueger introduces Video Place, which can track hands, fingers, and the people they belong to.

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Also the year that HP releases the HP-150,one of the first touchscreen computers.


Bob Boie of Bell Labs officially develops the first multitouch screen overlay.



First touchscreen phone, the Simon Personal Communicator, launched by IBM and Bellsouth.



Apple also releases its touch-capable Newton PDA.



Palm Inc releases the Pilot. the first generation of its PDA devices.



Wayne Westerman and John Elias form Finger Works, a company that specializes in multi-gesture input devices.



Alias/Wavefront launches the gesture-based PortfolioWall for large design teams.



Sony's SmartSkin introduces mutual capacitive touch recognition.



DSI Datotech announces the HandGear, a multi-point touchpad that never really materialized.



Andrew D. Wilson develops the Touchlight, a gesture-based, 3d-capable imaging touchscreen.



Jeff Han introduces an interface-free, touch-driven computer screen at TED.



Microsoft introduces the Surface table.



Microsoft and Samsung partner up to introduce the SUR40 touch-capable surface with Pixelsense technology.



Microsoft rebrands its Surface technology as Pixelsense.


In the era of rapid development of science and technology, professional touch screen displays provide great convenience for our work and life, but also make people more and more inseparable from it. The development of touch screen technology is endless. Only when we work together can we provide more technical and product support for a simple and convenient life.

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