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watch the heart-warming moment a paralysed chimpanzee walks for first time in six years with the help of a touch-screen

by:Toponetech     2020-04-15
A chimpanzee learned to walk after being paralyzed by illness.
At the age of 24, the man, named Reo, had some of his spinal cord inflammation that prevented him from moving.
Ten years later, thanks to a dedicated touchscreen training program and award training, he was able to walk again.
Sao Sakuraba, the main author of Kyoto University, described the victory in an article, the official journal of the Monkey Center in Japan.
The study marks the first time a dedicated training program has been used to study the cognitive ability of chimpanzees using touch screen technology to help them recover after paralysis.
He walked again in a new youtube video.
In their normal work, researchers at the primates\' Institute at Kyoto University used the interaction of chimpanzees with computers and touch screens to study the brain and perception of these primates\' animals.
When Reo is paralyzed from below the neck, dedicated staff use the technology further by encouraging the animals to walk again.
Reo was 24 years old in 2006, when a disease caused some of his spinal cord inflammation and caused him to become paralyzed.
Over the next 10 months, he was severely disabled and could only lie on his back and gradually recover to the point where he could sit.
He was finally able to pull himself straight with a rope, and 41 months of physical therapy helped him learn to climb with only his arms.
But physical therapy doesn\'t seem enough for him to walk with his legs.
In order for him to walk again, the researchers decided to use cognitive tasks-something he was good at when he was young.
The team set up a touch screen computer that rewards him with food when he successfully completes the task.
The computer monitor is placed on one wall and the food tray is placed on the other side of the room, which means Reo has a distance of two metres between the computer and the reward.
At first, he began to help with the rope.
But in the end, Reo began to move in the upright position, just like penguins walking on land.
Rehabilitation Training encouraged him to increase his movements significantly and he began walking up to 500 m in two sessionshour session.
Sakuraba said cognitive tasks may be a useful way to repair chimpanzees with physical disabilities, thus improving their welfare during captivity. Who added that for animals injured in captivity, euthanasia does not need to be the only option.
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