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Wall hung industrial LCD touch monitor in the application of high-speed balancing machine

by:Toponetech     2020-09-01
With the rapid development of industrial production, the rotating machinery gradually to develop in the direction of motors, large-scale, quick running, make the mechanical vibration problem is more and more prominent. Mechanical vibration on the machine itself and the surrounding environment will bring a series of harm. Although the causes of vibration is varied, but is generally believed that the unbalanced force is the main reason. According to statistics, about 50% of mechanical vibration is caused by the unbalanced force. Therefore, it is necessary to change the quality of rotating mechanical moving parts, reduce the unbalanced force, namely, to balance the rotor. And especially in the current automation of industrial production, conventional balancing machine cannot completely meet the requirements, for high precision, convenient operation, batch test automation of calibration requirements of high-speed dynamic balancing machine has become more and more urgent. But from the point of market growth in recent years, especially in the field of automobile, motor manufacturing, the demand for high-speed dynamic balancing machine automation gradually increase, enterprises increased to more advanced high-speed dynamic balancing machine automation equipment purchase. Is expected in the future, along with our country automation high-speed dynamic balancing machine production capacity increases, the industry will further accelerate the speed of market development. Application requirements analysis: in many fields of automation, the requirement of fault tolerance and high reliability automation system application is becoming more and more downtime can bring huge losses. Balancing machine is the measurement of rotating object ( Rotor) Don't balance the size and location of the machine, must have a high stability and high reliability of main controller product, overcome the shortcoming of distributed control system, the each function perfect unifies in together. Hardware part consists of the power supply module, CPU module, Ethernet module, communication module, interface module, signal module, HMI display and human-computer interaction. Perfect combination of hardware and software systems to ensure high-speed balancing machine run smoothly, the detection and correction of dynamic balancing of rotor. Crown teck solutions and products: according to the customer application project communication and requirement analysis, recommend a wall-mounted LCD touch display, used for monitoring using the human-computer interaction. Wall-mounted LCD touch monitor the whole machine high strength aluminum alloy material, 19-inch standard 8 u wall-mounted installation, the 17 inch LED backlit LCD screen, waterproof protection, seepage water of edge alleviate shock vibration, industrial-grade driven plate, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference, internal cooling structure design, support for long time continuous operation, surface IP65 dustproof and waterproof, dust level, universal appearance design, strong flexibility, used in complex industrial field environment.
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