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Wall, function and structure of the touch screen machine is introduced

by:Toponetech     2020-07-03
Wall, function and structure of the touch screen machine is introduced using wall-mounted touch screen machine as an example, a computer with touch function all-in-one, cooperate with the wall bracket, able to hang on the wall to use the safe and stable, to provide customers with a variety of convenient services. Powerful wall-mounted touch screen machine, want it for a long time to provide convenient and effective service for us, that the performance of the machine itself high stability and hardware quality requirements. So the brand is very important to choose a good touch screen machine, and numerous touch all-in-one PC brands on the market at present, some of them have only benefit, regardless of the quality of products, undesirable businessman so when we are in touch all-in-one PC brand of choose and buy, be careful to be careful, so as not to buy bad quality products. Introduce below, crown teck all-in-one wall-mounted touch screen function and composition of science and technology, it combines computer, television, multimedia audio, Internet services and other utility at a suit, and with the function of touch LCD screen, it also is a very large size of the tablet. As all-in-one, its appearance design exquisite, the overall for all metal sheet metal material of the lacquer that bake, anti-corrosion wear resistance. With small size, portability strong, low consumption and main function. About hardware, wall-mounted touch screen machine can be divided into three parts: LCD screen, touch screen, mainframe computers. It selects the procurement from LG, samsung, sharp and other international famous brands of imported industrial LCD screen, touch screen using infrared multi-touch technology, and computer mainframe, configuration equipped with Intel, gigabyte, Kingston, western digital premium brands such as computer accessories. Not bad in software, crown teck touch all-in-one PC with software copyright patent, independent research and development of teaching software, the query software, software, and other popular software. Production technology mature, page elegant, bright color, rich in content; Button style elegant, variable shape, variable colors. Crown teck all-in-one hanging bracket, wall-mounted touch screen made of solid metal material fashion appearance, corrosion resistance, bearing capability is strong, high safety coefficient, can be at ease use. In addition, crown teck confidence in their own products science and technology, in terms of after-sale service, foreign carefully commitment: 7 days unconditional return, 1 year free warranty, life-long maintenance. Once the problem of the machine, professional engineers will give response within 12 hours, solve the problem for you. Purchase all-in-one wall-mounted touch screen to select a good brand, not only the machine itself quality assured, has guaranteed after-sales. Only a quality, powerful touchscreen all-in-one can provide convenient service for us for long. All-in-one wall-mounted touch screen of choose and buy, might as well consult crown teck brand, you're worth it. Crown teck science and technology as the first company in China research and development to produce the actual strength of large size touch all-in-one PC manufacturers, rich experience, with many years of research and development production of touch all-in-one PC with 3 c national compulsory certification, ISO9001 international quality system certification, the software copyright patent, patent of appearance design, such as a number of certification, crown teck touch all-in-one PC market share as high as 70%, is the first brand of touch all-in-one PC industry.
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