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Vulgar and vicious competition caused by LED display prices

by:Toponetech     2021-06-21
As long as there are people, there will be light, and the existence of light is naturally indispensable for LED displays. As LED displays continue to penetrate into people’s daily lives, and people’s living standards are gradually improving, LED Lighting has gradually entered the homes of the people. It is precisely because of its wide application that the vicious competition in the price of LED displays has gradually escalated. We all know that from the rapid development of LED displays in 2006, lighting in 2010 followed. With LED LCD rapidly attacking the world, it is perfect to promote the highest peak of the development of the entire LED display industry! Just as the touch display technology is increasingly innovated, the standard system of LED display screens and their corresponding content should also be continuously improved, increased and perfected to adapt to the new changes. A senior person from City Technology Co., Ltd. once said: Although the standard system of LED display has a certain foundation, it will still be a long-term and urgent matter for the standardization of the entire industry. At the same time, what we have to do is We should persevere and strive to strengthen and attach importance to the research, implementation and implementation of our own product standardization in order to better meet the wide-ranging requirements of users. Rather than simply caring about the vulgar price war. LED display prices The vast majority of my country’s LED display industry is formed by manufacturers’ independent research and development under the market environment. The LED display industry is a relatively fiercely competitive industry with a high degree of marketization. Therefore, in the market In terms of competition and broadening applications, it is relatively successful. However, a higher degree of marketization will inevitably lead to price competition for touch display screens, so a virtuous cycle of development should be advocated in the LED display screen industry. LED display price    believes: LED display manufacturers now under the premise of relatively mature full-color LED display control technology, manufacturers should well strengthen the product design and process requirements for supporting manufacturers. Because high-end products need to be made into high-quality products, increasing the investment in die-casting box molds can better ensure the accuracy of installation and compete with foreign touch display manufacturers. Under the premise of satisfying those conventional functions, low-end products must simplify design, reduce their own costs, and form batches in order to better increase product exports. Entering 2019, the domestic market competition and market regulations are relatively poor. There are usually examples where customers are not pragmatic and seek truth from competitors and competitors are unscrupulous to achieve their goals. This directly affects products invisibly The grade and quality issues. In other industries, such as the mobile phone industry, some companies have gone from manufacturing fake mobile phones to manufacturing real mobile phones, but some are still manufacturing fake mobile phones. Examples like this can tell us very well that we need to be cautious when choosing and purchasing. We also hope that the LED large screen industry will not do this, but there is still no prospect of a better standard.
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