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Very practical single not universal touch screen technology: surface acoustic wave touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-08-02
A kind of surface acoustic wave, ultrasonic wave, in the name of the medium and shallow circulating energy wave machine. Through the process of wedge triangular base ( Based on the nominal wave wavelength is tough plan) Can be done, directional, small Angle in the name of the acoustic emission energy. Surface acoustic wave function stable, easy to analyze, and in the process of shear wave bulletin has unusually sharp frequency characteristic, 2013 in nondestructive flaw detection, imaging and wave back towards using to develop soon, surface acoustic wave coherent theory discussion, semiconductor materials, acoustic conductance data, test technique skills have all been commensurate mature. Department of surface acoustic wave touch screen touch screen can be a solid, spherical or cylindrical glass plate, unit in CRT, LED, LCD or plasma display device in the front of the screen. Glass screen in the upper left corner of the strong vertical and level and the lower right corner to ultrasonic transmitting transducer, the top right corner is strong echo of the two ultrasonic absorption can changer. Four around the glass screen is engraved with 45 ° Angle from sparse to dense the meticulously reflective stripes. In the lower right corner of X-ray Axis transmitting transducer, for example: the transmitting transducer control device through a process of touch screen cable from the electrical standard lights into the acoustic energy nominal notification to the left, and then by a set of fine thick at the bottom of the glass reflection stripe acoustic energy into the reported average face upward, acoustic energy through a screen name, and then by the above line to the right of reflective stripes of circulating to X-ray The absorption of shaft transducer, absorb transducer will travel to the acoustic energy into electricity with banners in the name of the led. When launched a narrow pulse transmitting transducer, acoustic energy through different way to absorb the transducer, walk on the right to early, go to the right of the night, at early and late to the superposition of acoustic wave energy into a wide waveform with lights, it's not hard to see, absorption signal gathered in X axis deflection after all is a different way to return to the acoustic energy, they are on the Y axis through the trip is the same, but on the X axis, far more than the recent walked two times X large interval. Thus the waveform of a standard lights when optical axis response status before the original waveform, also is the X coordinate. Emission and absorption signal waveform signal without a touch of time, absorption signal waveform and the reference waveform is complete. When a finger or other object can absorb or obstruct the acoustic energy when touching the screen, the X axis passing fingers parts going up acoustic energy absorbed by the department, namely on the absorption wave response one hour waveform has a damping gap position. Absorption waveform corresponding fingers cover parts, signal attenuation a gap, gap calculation status for a quick touch coordinate control device to analyze the absorption signal attenuation and judging by the gap position X coordinate. Y after judge the Y coordinate of touch point the same process. In addition to the normal touch screen can echo the X, Y coordinates, surface acoustic wave touch screen also echo the third axis Z axis coordinate, namely can perceive the user touch pressure range value. Its truth is by the absorption attenuation of lose attenuation calculation. Three axis once sure, master will pass them to the host.
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