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Verified Supplier By SGS and Gold Plus Supplier on Alibaba

Verified Supplier By SGS and Gold Plus Supplier on Alibaba


Top One Tech Limited has always adhered to the philosophy of customer first and service first. In order to further improve our service level, strengthen product quality control, and provide customers with better products and services, the company's senior management made a strategic decision, and invited top international certification companies to carry out strict certification of our products and services. We believe that through the system certification, our company's management level will reach a new level, our advantages will be more prominent, and our customers will be more satisfied with our products and services.

According to the 2020 annual plan formulated at the end of last year, we carried out our first certification as scheduled in 2020. From the beginning of January to the end of March, we carefully prepared to make our store in Alibaba pass according to the plan. SGS verification. Now we have become the gold supplier of Alibaba customer service.


Why is SGS certification?


Top companies choose top certifications, and we choose excellent partners for excellence. SGS is an excellent partner company!

SGS is a professional organization with inspection, appraisal, testing and certification based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is known for its strict standards. It is also because of its professionalism and strict working style that become our first certification choice in 2020.

According to the plan, the company system department and quality management department are the main docking departments for this certification activity.

On the first day of the certification on February 11, the SGS certification representative held an Open Meeting in the Top One Tech conference room. The chairman of the company, Robert Luo, first spoke at the meeting. Welcome and thank SGS for accepting our invitation to perform certification for us. He introduced Thomas, System Manager and Allen, Quality Manager. Peryan also gave a detailed introduction to the 3-days certification arrangement at the meeting.

The certification was divided into three parts: factory quality system certification, factory process quality control certification, and trade service capability certification. One part was completed in one day.

According to the plan, the first day was the factory quality system certification. The quality system was rich in content and has a great effect. It represents the management level and management quality of a company. SGS had given us the following aspects of certification:

The first was Quality System, Peryan and his team checked our company's annual management review report, quality manual, internal audit procedure files, education and training specifications, system department personnel certification process and resume. SGS representative's evaluation of Top One Tech's Quality System was that the various guideline documents are complete and rich in content, and the operability of guiding the factory to carry out production is strong.

The second was the new product introduction system.Any first-class factory would have a large number of verification before producing products. A complete system guidance would make the new product development process more standardized and scientific. The correct application of the new product introduction system would allow us to The success rate of each new product development has been greatly improved. Peryan and his team members reviewed the new product development management program documents, confirmed the company's many project verification histories, and researched the company's DFEMA.Terry in the certification team pointed out that he had also done quality management work in the touch display industry. Top One Tech's DFEMA is very good. It clearly listed the risks that might be encountered in the design, and gives accurate evaluation and management methods. Quality manager Allen said that because our company focuses on small batch customization, customized products are different from conventional products, its needs are personalized, and it is challenging to meet personalized requirements, so our new product introduction system does The special meticulousness is the advantage of small batch customization.

The third was the Supplier Quality system. The quality of raw materials was one of the most important factors that determine the quality of the finished product. Any company that wants to produce high-level products must do a good job of supply chain management. Top One Tech is committed to integrating a complete supply chain, exerting the power of the system, and producing high quality and low price products. SGS partners reviewed our supplier management program documents, qualification standards documents and qualified supplier directories for various types of raw materials, IQC incoming inspection program documents, supplier audit plan and suppliers in the afternoon of the first day Incoming exception handling procedures. SGS partners affirmed our comprehensive supply chain quality system.


The fourth was the process control system. With high-quality raw materials, we also need strict production process control so that our products can meet customer requirements. SGS partners first confirmed that our company's PFMEA and PFMEA evaluated the process risk factors of the product from the first step of the production process to the last part of the production process, and formulated targeted countermeasures for high-risk factors. Then confirmed the management manual of production equipment and auxiliary tools, daily and weekly yield status.

When confirming the yield of each process, Peryan said: The yield of the Top One Tech production line is very high, and it is at the top level in the manufacturing industry. I think this should be a beautiful result that they have obtained after strict process control!

The fifth is QE Calibration. There is a famous saying in the manufacturing industry that the quality of the product is produced, and one of the factors affecting the quality of production is QE Calibration. Top One Tech has high-level instrument calibration specifications, and each critical process equipment has a strict MSA. In determining QE Calibration, SGS highly recognized Top One Tech's instrument calibration specifications and MSA manuals, and fully complied with SGS's audit standards.

Sixth was Nonconformity Control. Top One Tech has formulated a high standard Quality System, new product introduction system, Supplier Quality system, process control system and QE Calibration, the company's production line In Line, the anomaly and shipment complaints are very low, and several colleagues of SGS are also surprised at it!

Finally, SGS partners also confirmed our company's sample management process, heavy industry management process, warehouse management process, GP management, DCC and other management procedures


In the morning of the next day, Peryan and his team performed the process quality certification of the factory according to the plan. Under the leadership of the quality manager Allen and production manager Gorge, the certification team confirmed the on-site management of the raw material warehouse and the touch screen production line Each production process is smooth, every link of touch display assembly, warehouse management of finished product storage, etc. The smooth operation of the Top One Tech production line left a deep impression on the certification team.


In the afternoon, the certification team carried out trade service capability certification for the company. Top One Tech has many influential brand customers in Europe and the Americas. High-level trade service capabilities are the basis for serving all types of customers. The certification team first confirmed the company's various qualifications, such as the industrial and commercial business license, import and export registration form, customs registration certificate and other required documents. Export business income and customer statistics over the years were also checked. A strong export team is a guarantee for serving overseas customers. The certification partners have confirmed the various qualification levels of Top One Tech sales team members and customer service staff. They have highly recognized their practice managers. When they saw the sales manager Elsie In his resume, Peryan recognized Elsie's more than ten years of foreign trade sales experience.

At the end of its two-day certification process, at the certified Close Meeting, when Peryan announced to the company that the SGS certification process for Top One Tech fully complies with the procedures of Alibaba and SGS, Top One Tech is on Alibaba. Gold Plus Supplier passed! Everyone feels that this more than two months of busy work is worth it!

Now, we have SGS certification, plus CE, FCC, ERP, ISO9001 certification, TopOneTech's certification is more abundant.

Passing the Gold Plus Supplier is only the first step for us to provide quality service guarantee. Top One Tech has always been committed to guaranteeing the quality of customers' products, the quality of consumption, and service. No matter who you are or where you come from, we will serve every customer with heart.

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