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Upright and table where the difference between the led display?

by:Toponetech     2021-01-17
now have into the use of two kinds of lamp bead and table. Two kinds of screen application scope is different also. Let me take a look at the difference and application scope. Into the type of screen using a single LED tube, the pin through the circuit board, and by welding on the underside of the circuit board. This kind of display screen LED has a variety of combination way, such as 3 and 4 LED tube as a pixel, they use single or multiple red, green and blue LED tube, in order to improve the display effect of mixed color and brightness. Some display even five or six LED tube as a pixel, to meet the more demanding outdoor environment requirement for brightness, color and contrast. Pixel pitch, such as: pixel spacing is 16 mm ( P16) The distance between the according to the pixel is 16 mm. Some manufacturers do approximation with the measured results, the pixel pitch is 15. 5 mm or 16. 5 mm screen, still say actually pixel spacing is 16 mm. Some manufacturers also virtual pixel pitch or pixel pitch effectively, it is through the compression source image information and share the information between pixels. Due to direct plug-in can be a very bright light, and the circuit boards and the LED can be packaged together, so it can prevent from water and other violations of the object, therefore, this kind of display screen is often used for outdoor. Most of the outdoor display screen brightness can reach 5000 nt ( cd/m2) , although update the brightness of the leds could be much brighter than this. Table stick type ( SMD) USES RGBLED chip, welding in a single node on the surface of the circuit board with 3 very small chips. Because the table sticker to the brightness of the display as upright type screen, so not long ago its application field is given priority to with indoor. Typical table paste type indoor display brightness is 1000 nt ~ 2000 nt, than the brightness of 400 nt ordinary LCD TV is much more bright. A few years ago, the new type table paste screen has been put into market, its brightness used in outdoor environment has more than enough, some also have waterproof function, therefore, no additional lens for its configuration or protective layer can prevent it from external objects. Recently, some LED manufacturers also began to produce four unity ( RGGB or RRGB) Or more than one table screen, and before them in each node only USES a single red, green and blue LED tube for pixels. is commonly used to describe its pixel spacing. It refers to the distance between pixels and the pixels on the screen, the unit is mm ( mm) 。 For direct plug-in , refers to the distance between the same color of the LED; For table paste type , is refers to the table affixed components the distance between the center point. Manufacturers often claim its virtual pixel screen can increase the resolution to the original 2 times, and to provide 16/8 mm or 24/12 mmled display, it can in the case of low resolution representation 'effectively'. In fact, the effective resolution can make screen resolution is increased by 60% ~ 75%, and some manufacturers pointed out that, in its technical data and some manufacturers still after doubling the resolution of the reference. Although the performance of some products is to ascend, but people are still on this kind of product of real performance hold different opinions. 0 on a 7 environment factors of affecting the service life of a small span of the control technology
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