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united states : sharp announces the next generation of aquos board interactive display systems.

by:Toponetech     2020-04-22
Sharp Image Information Company of the United States (SIICA)
A division of Sharp Electronics announced its new generation of aquos board interactive display systems, which further enabled colleagues, classmates and others to communicate smoothly and easily in a variety of environments.
These four new interactive display systems have made key improvements compared to Sharp\'s original AQUOS motherboard series.
Some of the new features include: writing at the same time: identifying up to 10 touchpoints, and the new series of The aquos board interactive display system allows up to four people to write on the screen using touch pens or fingers at the same time.
The new display technology minimizes glare and fingerprints: protecting the screen is an-glare fiA[degrees]
The principle of Lm is to reduce glare and reflection while reducing fingerprint pollution.
Faster touch response speed: more new LCD
The touch display provides users with a more natural experience by refreshing the location information of the touch pen at a speed of up to 200 times per second, virtually eliminating any delay.
This gives users a faster drawing speed than the original AQUOS board interactive display system.
Smooth, responsive touch pen-
The touch pen provides a smooth experience similar to the traditional dry pen
Erase board experience.
The AQUOS board can push the content directly to the connected mobile device.
The user can safely overwrite the notes and information directly to the presentation and save it for future use without affecting the original content.
Other improvements include the increase in the number of digital interface ports,
Screen touch menu and front speakers help provide intuitive and easy-to-use featuresto-use experience.
\"Our first generation of AQUOS board displays has been a huge success and has been well received by customers and the industry.
The AQUOS board line dominates the United States. S.
Mike Marusic, senior vice president of marketing and operations at sharp imaging and information company in the United States, said: \"The performance of the large-format touch display market and the latest version has improved . \".
\"With its enhanced capabilities and capabilities, we believe that we can meet the changing needs of our customers and achieve easier collaboration and communication, this next-generation AQUOS motherboard series will help us maintain a leading brand position in this category.
\"The new lineup consists of two 70 classes (
69 1/2 \"diagonal)
Class 2 60 (
Diagonal 60 1/16models.
In each size class, there is a version model and a version B model.
There is A significant difference between Model A and Model B, which ultimately increases the versatility of the AQUOS board. The PN-
The L703B/603B has an open platform model and needs to be connected to an external PC.
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