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Understanding of industrial monitor and track changes you know how much

by:Toponetech     2020-08-19
Understanding of industrial monitor and track changes you know how much you know about the arrival of the industrial age exactly how deep? 4 since the industry. 0 after formally, 'intelligent' as the theme of the lead in the fourth generation of the industrial revolution. We can see, in the process of automation to the intelligent development of many new technologies and application obtained the breakthrough, crown teck below us and to explore the changes of intelligent track together. 1. As to promote the efficiency of production and technology, production and human cost reduced enterprise benefit significantly, in the process of the transformation of we can see in this transformation process of the birth of more challenging innovative entrepreneurial opportunities. First, in view of the uncertainty, semi-structured or unstructured decision making problem of intelligent manufacturing work, through the methods of signal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, in uncertainty, incomplete, fuzzy information under the environment of the implementation of the intelligent manufacturing and product design aims to display service target and technical route scheme optimization much. 2. Occurring in the process of making intelligent equipment running massive characteristic data contains a large number of fault information, to collect intelligence on the basis of the characteristics of equipment operation data, the application of deep learning algorithms for large data knowledge mining, was found related to the fault diagnosis rules, the implementation of intelligent prediction and analysis on the system of equipment failure, and improve the diagnostic technique. 3. In the field of manufacturing, is based on massive amounts of data analysis, but it is can help the enterprise to optimize production quality, save energy and improve the service equipment. 4 in the industry. 0 environment, of different data sources ( Production equipment and systems, and enterprise and the customer management system, etc. ) To collect and analyze real-time decision-making standard will become future enterprise, through the large data analysis system, for real-time monitoring of equipment, find fault early warning in advance for processing, in order to reduce enterprise losses. High production efficiency. Today and you learn so much, want to learn more, please pay attention to the crown teck's official website last and introduce a crown teck industrial monitor, more information, please focus on the website. Industrial monitor J170 'brand high bright LED screen, control in the ultra wide Angle of view design; Support multiple screen/split screen shows, more flexible widely applied; Whole body aluminum alloy flat panel, IP65 waterproof dustproof; Low high speed movement truly without trailing; Low resistance to high and low temperature - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, adapt to the extreme environment; * 7 * 24 hours continuous stable operation; 1280 * 1024 resolution touch not optional touch, resistor, capacitor, ir touch the dimensions ( W x H D) 414mm( Long) x345mm( High) x 51mm( Thick) Box in front of the thickness of 3 mm weight 5 kg material/process of aluminum alloy wire drawing brightness 400 CD / ㎡ ( Can be customized 1500 CD / ㎡) or less Contrast, 1000:1 Taiwan original LCD screen LCD screen life > 40000 h light transmittance 80% or less gray-scale and display color number 256 gray-scale pixels opening rate of 80% or higher working temperature 10℃~50℃( Can be customized high temperature, low temperature, high temperature difference) Environmental humidity < 80% ( Customizable full waterproof)
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