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Two-way selection principle between LED display manufacturers and distributors

by:Toponetech     2021-06-19
For LED display manufacturers, a high-quality and efficient dealer team is an important guarantee to gain a foothold in the market. Only when dealers find a sense of belonging can they establish a sense of trust and cooperation can last forever. For distributors, there are many brands in the LED display industry, fierce market competition, and many brands are dazzling. However, if you want to have a long-term cooperation with a LED display brand, you must first learn to sit back, get rid of temptation, and be rational. select. In short, two-way selection must override mutual trust! Distributors are an important factor in the business management chain of enterprises, and their efficiency determines the final result of channel management. Therefore, when companies choose to select distributors, they need to screen one by one, comprehensively. Inspect and evaluate the distributors who are ready to cooperate. The credibility and reputation of the distributor is the basis of the cooperation between the two parties. As the saying goes, people who have no trust will not stand. If the credibility of the distributor is not high, the subsequent cooperation will not be guaranteed. Therefore, the touch display company must be credible when choosing a distributor. Put the first consideration standard. LED display companies can make judgments through the analysis of their people, finances, things, and networks. They should also understand the basic situation, development history, business experience, management philosophy, marketing level, etc. of the distributor, and at the same time, they must also choose to recognize the company. The loyalty to the company is also a major consideration for dealers who can develop together as partners for products, ideas and culture. If the LED display company cannot conduct effective screening when selecting a distributor, there will be hidden dangers in the maintenance of the corporate image. Distributors choose LED display companies to find a fit. When choosing LED display companies, distributors must find their position based on their own conditions and the specific conditions of the market. The best for them is the best. In the minds of consumers, the brand is almost the guarantee of credibility. Similarly, dealers should also pay attention to the credibility of the company when choosing a brand to operate. The corporate image promotion must rely on high-quality products as support. The product must be in the lead when the brand is on the line. Nowadays, many LED display dealers cannot make brand selection according to their own situation, and change their operating brands again and again, blindly pursuing big brands and large enterprises, and thus enter the misunderstanding of joining. For dealers, choosing an LED display brand should be based on their previous investment and store situation, business ability, and local market consumption ability and consumption habits to make precise positioning. After positioning, they need to do more industry and market research. Understand the company's development history, development status and development strategies, and choose companies with strength, development power and vitality to cooperate. There is another point that may be ignored by the majority of dealers, that is, the business philosophy. The conflicts in the concept are irreconcilable. Therefore, the dealer must be clear about the business philosophy of the LED display company and the business philosophy of the enterprise that conflicts with its own business philosophy. Later cooperation must be unpleasant and not long-lasting.
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