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Tunnel field application of led display

by:Toponetech     2021-06-01
Abstract: The application of touch display in the tunnel field, the development of led display has experienced countless innovative applications in the field of led display tunnels, and the development of touch display has undergone countless innovative applications so far. Recently, we have developed it according to scenes such as subways and tunnels. products applied to the tunnel structure are released. After going to the underground passage of Guangzhou Airport, they will pass through the space-time tunnel corridor. This structure still has the potential for development. The principle of the tunnel structure led display is also very simple. According to the structure of the arch, the steel structure of the led display is completely welded, and the LED modules are fixed to the steel structure piece by piece. After the power line and the data line are connected, the final debugging ,run. The tunnel led display screen can give people a dreamlike feeling, especially some scenes of underwater world or birds flying in the sky, which makes people feel like they are on the scene. Popular science knowledge and advertising effects are also very good, fresh in memory. The tunnel led display screen usually adopts indoor specifications with small spacing. The delicate display picture is combined with the carefully created multimedia video. It slowly expands from shallow to deep from one side to the back, and then uses artistic techniques to intersperse, move, and color the entire range. Dynamic expression of development process with changing background. In terms of structural design, we strive to be perfect. The entire tunnel is spliced u200bu200bby LED modules without any seams. 【LED electronic display】
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