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ttc vows action on to-do list

by:Toponetech     2020-04-18
TTC officials promised to start an extreme overhaul of customer service immediately --
On Monday, the external panel of experts recommended about 78 improvements.
However, a marketing expert said that the rider may not feel the full effect in two or three years, and he did similar exercises at GO Transit.
Each of TTC\'s 12,500 employees must learn to \"take a look\" before the customer service department starts touting itself as a rider \"--
On January, Kelly warned Chantel Broten, a marketing company in Burlington. A 10-
Member volunteer group led by Toronto hotel owner Steve O\'Brien called for a short series of eventsand long-
Term improvements including renaming the system to the customer
Friendly organization
Their reports drive better customer service training and morethe-
Provide work support to transit personnel;
Information kiosks and information screens in the station;
Better roadmap and overhaul of customer complaint process.
The key point is to hire a chief customer service officer to oversee changes that will make the ride friendlier, easier and cleaner.
TTC chief general manager Gary Webster told reporters on Monday that this could happen by the end of the year.
Although Webster does not know how much all improvements will cost, he notes, \"it doesn\'t cost much how we do our work.
\"But you can\'t just tell the staff to smile,\" said Broten.
\"There is no silver bullet.
This is every little thing you do every day.
Broten compared TTC\'s organizational challenges with those of blood services in Canada, and after thousands of Canadians were infected with HIV and hepatitis C by blood supply, the Red Cross took over the country\'s blood distribution system.
\"The staff were burned and they had to restore the confidence of Canadians.
Broten said: \"They have undergone tremendous organizational changes, completely changing the blood system ,. . . . . . To make it safe and restore the confidence of Canadians . \".
When it comes to the corporate image, from the point of view of Westjet, its customers
For BP, TTC may be closer to BP because of the Gulf oil disaster, says dillep Soman, a marketing and customer service specialist at the University of Toronto\'s Rotman School of Management.
Organizations that effectively regain customer trust are \"internally agreed organizations, not hiring external consultants.
Shipping companies in Asia have successful customers.
The service strategy, he says, is because marketing is ingrained throughout the organization.
\"Here, this is a limitation --first culture.
\"TTC appointed O\'Brien to lead a customer service review during the parade, when photos of a sleeping subway collector brought the rider\'s anger to its peak.
By then, transit passengers have been repeatedly angered: New year\'s fare rises, symbolic hoarding, and a massive rush --
On last November, the one-hour service of Yongji subway was interrupted.
\"We are all proud of the system and we lost it somewhere on this line,\" O\'Brien told reporters . \".
Riders want more information and courtesy, he added, but they also have to take some responsibility.
According to the panel\'s report, \"Operators are expected to act as guides, policy enforcers, ticket collectors and custodians while providing information, instructions and special assistance . \".
K. president Keith McIntyre said that if TTC can regain the trust of its customers, it can become a revival carmaker managed by Toyota after the safety scandal.
Mac & Associates in Burlington.
People think TTC is a necessary evil, he said.
But if it has gone above its dirty and unfriendly reputation and billed itself as a green, sustainable transportation option, he says, \"they may be sitting on gold mines.
The 10 most obvious improvements in TTC customer service 1.
Station manager: in September, there are already some books on the station, and this project should enter the system. wide.
The management is responsible for cleaning, communication, elevators, assistance and accessibility facilities at each station. 2.
Customer service response team: TTC volunteers living near the station who will attend after-sales service
Emergency or service interruption. 3.
Kiosk: in a place at busy stations such as Union, Bloor, Eglinton West and Kennedy, staff and volunteers can help passengers and tourists understand routes, delays and maps.
There is no glass barrier at the kiosk.
Multi-language touch
Every station should have a screen booth to help
Someone who speaks English4.
Video screen: In the event of an emergency or interruption, the staff can cover what appears on the screen with an update to the shuttle bus and alternative routes.
The screen at the entrance of the station will inform the passenger of the delay or diversion of the entire system --
Before they pay the fare. 5.
Customer service contact card: drivers can provide TTC contact information to customers when they need more help. 6.
\"Sorry, the bus is full\" sign: the display in front of the bus will tell the passengers waiting at the station why they were bypassed. 7.
Standardized logo for collector\'s booth: make it easier for customers to quickly find the information they need. 8.
Poster: signs on trams, buses and ticket boxes explaining the fare and transfer service. 9.
Better public broadcasting system: the speaker system on the subway, passengers on the train and platform can really understand. 10.
More announcements when there is a shortage of vehiclesturning.
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