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Troubleshooting methods for open-frame industrial touch monitor

Troubleshooting methods for open-frame industrial touch monitor


When everyone uses various touch screen devices, they all encounter the situation that the touch screen cannot be used due to failure. Top One Tech Open Frame Touch Monitor is specially designed for embedded application equipment, and can basically perfectly adapt to all game consoles, query machines, and other interactive terminals on the market. Open products and customizable production allow us to provide customers with the best solutions for different projects. The industrial touch display is a display device applied in the industry. Compared with ordinary displays, its performance is more stable and it can adapt to a wider range. However, how to solve it when a fault occurs?

1. The color cast fault of the industrial touch display screen can generally be solved by adjusting the maintenance adjustment mode.

2. Problems such as flower screen or white screen are mainly caused by the drive voltage of the industrial touch screen. If the drive circuit of the industrial touch screen is on the main board, it should be the fault of the main board. If the drive circuit of the industrial touch screen is on the main board on the LCD screen, the display screen should be replaced in this case, and the risk of maintenance is also high.

19 inch industrial touch monitor

3. The problem of bright lines or dark lines on the screen is generally a fault of the LCD screen. The bright line failure is generally a problem with the cable connecting the LCD screen body, and the dark line is generally the leakage of the screen body. The above two problems are basically to determine that the industrial touch screen is difficult to repair and has no maintenance value, because the price of the screen is too high.

4. Other relatively rare faults and disturbances: In different working modes, the industrial touch screen may also have some disturbances, but most of them are normal phenomena, including some caused by unstable voltage. Because of the special production process of industrial control displays, only problems detected in standard operating modescan  be identified as faults.

5. The industrial touch screen will not light up once it is on, but the power indicator light is always on. This kind of problem is mostly caused by abnormal high voltage and belongs to circuit protection action. In this case, there is usually a display on the LCD screen, and the method of viewing is squinting. The point of maintenance is contrastive Repair. Because the design of the high-voltage board of the industrial touch screen is generally a symmetrical design, and there may be basically no damage on both sides at the same time. The parts that are prone to problems with the old machine are the step-up transformer and the lamp. The protection circuit and process problems of the new machine are relatively more.

6. The whole industrial touch display screen has no power. This is actually a very simple fault. Generally, the power supply of industrial touch display screens is organic and external. The external power supply is more common. No matter what kind of power supply, its structure is much simpler than that of CRT display power supply, and the vulnerable components are some small components, such as fuses, input inductors, switch tubes, zener diodes, etc. A relatively rare fault is that the power supply does not start due to the CPU of the motherboard. In fact, the principle of this situation is very simple. It is to convert the integrated circuit to work by driving the power supply, which through the keying board to the CPU, and then outputting a control signal through the CPU .

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