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Triad table against a table and three on the advantages and disadvantages

by:Toponetech     2021-02-01
We used to say in the table put three and a triad is that two kinds of technology? What is the difference between two kinds of packaging technology. And which some of their advantages? Here are small make up materials of some of the engineers, for your reference. One, three and one table paste ( Separate table post) : refers to the red, green and blue three markers are separate packaging, packaging, and the table after arranged in a same pixel. Triad table paste: refers to the red, green and blue three markers, the synthesis of packaging in the same luminous tube due to packaging in the same light tube, so close to see is a little, and the division is a line. The price of the triad. Three, triad table post contrast the difference between three and a table with: 1, 3 and one is ( Separate table post) , three separate power supply. Compared with the triad has good heat dissipation, low power consumption and prolong the life of the screen, high reliability; 2, 3, and a whole screen Angle is bigger than triad, and three and one can do light diffuse surface treatment, it is concluded that the effect is not granular triad, uniform color; Three, three and one is to use the whole face to shine, and triad confined to point light, so the color of 3 and one on the whole than triad evenly; 4, 3 and one table can do diffuse light processing, compared with the display effect of triad, uniform color, no granular feeling; Five, three and a full screen view than triad is big; 6, 3 and one than the triad maintenance cost is low, because of three and one can realize single lamp maintenance, maintenance is simple; 7, three and one table put on display in the color of the whole uniform than triad, because three and one is to use the whole face to shine, and triad confined to point light; 8, for color , the three and a full-color testing the triad can easily, and high color saturation; 9, 3 and one in IC, driving chip temperature is lower than triad, so as to improve the overall life of the screen body; 10, three and a time limit for a project is the production date of normal production display, triad table posted process step is complex, a longer duration. At the screen with the same spacing, the same constant current static, in the same light emitting chip, under the condition of the same chip, three and one of a triad the cost is much more favorable. Theory from the encapsulation process, three and one package cost and low production costs are a triad. From the welding process, the mode of three and one table posted encapsulation is very mature, is superior to the triad table. In most of the domestic manufacturers can do three and the encapsulation, and the encapsulation mode is very mature, but is only one cotco triad doing encapsulation, it has a limitation triad. For the construction period, the three and a time limit for a project is the production date of normal production display, and three functions due to the complexity of process steps, a longer duration. In general, the three and packaging cost and production cost is much lower than triad. Triad table touch display price is higher, mainly for export. Believe that as the chip processing cost reduce slowly, three is a will, with its high cost performance is very good to meet the needs of users. 9 a on how to correctly switch machine under a how to through the appearance test screen housing quality
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