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Touch the query all-in-one how to do daily maintenance

by:Toponetech     2020-10-25

With the development of informatization, the essentials of query touch all-in-one became public, daily maintenance problems are worthy of our attention, its daily maintenance problems should be more professional guidance and training for customers to buy. Now touch gets to has a very wide range of applications, in the bank, office business, government, hospitals, library, etc.  You can see them everywhere, although touch all-in-one PC application range is very wide, but the daily maintenance of attention or similar. 

 Crown teck summary maintenance needs to pay attention to the following: first, to touch every day gets to the appearance of clean, do not have dust, can use soft cloth to wipe the screen before the boot but cannot use a damp cloth. Second, usually have no matter to pay more attention to touching screen query machine whether there is water or dust is too much, the touch of general query all-in-one can automatically determine the dust, dust is too much on time will affect the operation. 

 At this point can be applied to three, LCD cleaning agent for cleaning in operation gets to touch at ordinary times will produce a lot of temporary files, we need to clear the temporary files and junk files in a timely manner. 

 Four, when touch query all-in-one operation must be according to the step switch machine, cannot optional power is turned off, so that damage to the machine is very big, time grew also easy to cause the hard disk error.
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