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Touch technology is pushing yourself where the next market in the 21st century

by:Toponetech     2020-07-23
Touch screen is a natural connection method with smart devices, is also an important change in the field of human-computer interaction. Global hci solution developers Synaptics, President and chief officer RickBergmanzai in CMIC2015 keynote, based on biometric identification technology, based on the environmental situation recognition technology, based on the experience of all aspects of perception, will present a tendency of strong demand in the global. In 2015, more than 40 million using touch screen smart watches, and biometric technology is replacing traditional password. From the perspective of biometrics. In the next few years, in addition to the well-known two-factor authentication, the results will generally used three factors biometric authentication, lasting and effective way of authentication, for example, will face, voice, fingerprints, the pupil four identity factors, through the combination of order any three factors, to achieve better security experience. At present, the mobile is accelerating the fingerprint identification technology, fingerprint recognition sensor device will be from March 2014. Growth in 1. 7 billion to 1. 4 billion units in 2020, man-machine interface technology demand is growing rapidly. At present, such as apple, samsung, HTC, biometric technology is allow the user to give up the secret code, instead use fingerprint identification is more safe and humane method. In addition to smart phones, Google wallet, Applepay online payment authentication, is to create new market demand for fingerprint recognition technology. Even low-end smartphones also use. In march of this year, Synaptics introduced fingerprint identification solution for game players. From the point of touch technology, everything connected age let touch technology is widely used in the intelligent devices, in addition to smart phones, laptops, tablets, the next step will be to wearable devices, home appliances, building control, etc. Wearable devices: wearable device is one of the intelligent equipment segment of the market growing faster. RickBergmanzai that support flexible, according to the touch, is the key to the success of wearable equipment. Because add touch function, can for people to interact with wearable devices provide a natural way. Smart cars: the car travel products and/or in the future is not only a tool, will also is a 'data driven' digital terminal. Consumer good smartphone experience is promote the development of the man-machine interface, increasing consumer demand for intelligent vehicle in the future each have more than one monitor, there are multiple touch interface, but a touch interface must be simple and easy to use,'t distract drivers' attention. In the future, to provide suitable man-machine interactive interface, how to use the degree of force and touch is the key. Smart home: intelligent touch interface is simplified our home life. A refrigerator, for example, the future intelligent degree is high enough refrigerator, can according to the food stored in the refrigerator for healthy diet. Refrigerator, and other household electrical appliances, add touch display, people can more simply and control the equipment. , said Rick Bergmanzai Synaptics can be implemented with gloves for touch, also can use wet hand touch screen, can carry on the preview before the user to make a choice, such as blossom pictures and maps, including the ability to switch recognition commands such as gloves, skin, nails, application.
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