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Touch technology is everywhere, as the industry, are you ready

by:Toponetech     2020-10-28
Designed to use the touch screen is a kind of enjoyment. The technology has brought the novel, attractive, easy to use the man-machine interface, the interface is easy to update and improve in order to realize the new features or system function. Only need to make changes to the software to meet changing consumer demand. It is important that the new touch screen products even in the presence of radio frequency interference environment also can work stably and reliably. The touch-screen iPhone may be 2007 high-end mobile phone products, in 2008, more than 60 other models of mobile phones will also adopt touch screen technology, and in 2009 there will be more than 100 cell phone using touch screen technology. Will touch screen mobile phone becomes more popular, by 2012, with a touch screen mobile phone will reach about 500 million units. Even low-end phones models, meanwhile, will also increase the touch buttons, sliders, and use of the rotating wheel. Mobile phone, of course, is just one of the application of touch screen technology is rapidly penetrate into other applications, including PDA, PC, GPS systems, and household appliances. Today's electrical and electronic equipment adopted the following five types of touch screen technology: resistive, surface capacitive and projected capacitive, surface acoustic wave and infrared. The top three suitable for mobile devices and consumer electronics products, after the two technologies to make the touch screen is not too expensive is the volume is too big, so not suitable for the application. Any of these touch-screen technology system consists of sensors, and interconnection of control circuit of electronic devices and control circuits. Resistive touch screens ( See figure 1) Technically may not really be 'touch screen', because it requires a certain pressure to activate. This is different with real touch interface, because some of the touch screen and even just put the finger near can sense. Resistive touch screen using the sandwich structure, upper and lower layer is printed in the plastic ( PET) Thin film on the electrical conductivity of the indium tin oxide ( ITO) In the air, in the interval. The air gap is made up of many small spacer to keep. When two conductive layers is finger ( Or stylus) The pressure together is finished the 'touch' at a time, and the location of the touch by measuring the voltage on the X axis and Y axis ratio can be detected. According to how many wires to transmit data to adopt micro controller for processing, can be divided into four wire resistive touch screens, five lines, six lines and eight line version. Resistive touch screen cost is low, has been widely applied in large quantities. However, the lack of the inherent limits its wider application. These weaknesses including mechanical weakness, limited choice of industrial design, in most applications need a slope, the thickness of the touch screen, bad optical performance and requires the user to calibration, etc. Use the resistive touch screen technology can't achieve close to detect ( In the fingers close to the screen can be induced to) , also cannot achieve refers to more tests. Which two options are now required for product designers. When a finger touching the screen, it can release the charge from the panel. Induction at four corners of touch screen, do not need complex ITO pattern. This type of touch screen a ITO pattern was designed by William Pepper, in 1978, he applied for a patent for his designs. This pattern laid the Microtouch ( Now 3 m) Sell the basis of the surface of the capacitive touch screen products. Used on the surface of the back panel of capacitive touch technology in an attempt to always meet the 'hand shadow effect', this phenomenon can bring a lot of to touch sensor error, as close to the panel's hand and wrist will produce capacitive coupling problem, and due to close to the Angle and distance was quite arbitrary coupling capacitance value of the uncertainty. Due to surface capacitive touch screen USES is even ITO layer, so they are unable to restrain the error signals, since they have and the actual touch signals winding in three-dimensional space. If not the ITO row and column, then in the panel on the back of the use of the surface of the capacitive touch technology is certainly fail. Crown teck touch products are widely used in tablet PC, GPS navigator, mobile phones, industrial control, mobile terminals, education electronics, household appliances and other industries.
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