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Touch screen water ingress failure repair

by:Toponetech     2021-10-16
Touch screen water failure repair Rongguan mainly produces touch screens, which are used in consumer electronics, commercial display industries, industrial self-service, and medical equipment. . . . . In the past year or two, touch screens have also been widely used in smart homes and high-tech end devices, such as robots, equipment on trains and ships, and so on. It has been used a lot in all walks of life, and the problems are also various. Recently, a customer said that his touch screen has failed to repair the water ingress. To be honest, if the touch screen is flooded, it means that the whole machine is flooded. What's broken is not the touch screen but also the components of the whole machine, such as the motherboard and LCD screen. . . . . But the customer had to say how to fix it, I made a comment on Baidu, and someone replied: 1: Prepare the tool to disassemble. 2: Self-made meter pen for measuring resistance. Disassemble the machine and watch the transparent area of u200bu200bthe touch screen is covered with small dots and no traces of water. Measure the 4 wire resistance (2K files) of the touch screen and rush to your left to start counting. It is found that all 12 23 34 14 have resistance values u200bu200b(the normal ones are 13 24). Resistance value, 14 23 should have no resistance value, no touch state) From this, it is judged that there is a short circuit inside. 3: I moved the touch screen with a small screwdriver for a week. I didn’t find the place where it turned up, except that there was a water gap out of the cable, so I slowly cut it at the corner with a utility knife, along the bottom glass layer. Remember, after prying open, use the hot air of a hair dryer for about 10 seconds to listen and then blow again. When the prying site is hot, it will be glued. Then use a multimeter to measure the resistance of 4 wires (13 and 24 each has a resistance of 290 ohms). , 240 ohms) So far the touch screen is repaired. 4: Seal with silicone rubber along the edges to dry, put into the shell (double-sided adhesive bonding), install the machine, test machine, touch screen calibration, everything is OK. In the end, unfortunately, the place where I was prying up was a bit high, and I pressed it down hard. I didn't expect the bottom glass to break, so I used scotch tape to stick it on, but the touch screen worked well. Hahaha, the editor is really drunk. Other touch screens are composed of a glass cover plate and conductive glass that are fully laminated. Before the two can not enter water at all, the only part that can enter water is the cable. We unscrew the screw from the back of the whole machine, the cable is exposed directly, and it can be dried with a hair dryer. Hahaha. . . . , Rongguan specializes in the production of touch screens. If you have technical problems, you must consult our professionals in time
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