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Touch screen using the matters should be paid attention to

by:Toponetech     2020-07-19
It is well known that the touch screen is frequently used in life, education, industry, use the touch screen, how to use the can prolong the life of the touch screen. Crown teck touch screen using considerations, we have collected touch screen for your reference! A, touch screen glass surface is the touch surface, namely product positive part two, touch screen for the glass products, glass edge is sharp, assembly please bring gloves/refers to the set of homework three part, touch screen glass is fragile, don't impose strong impact on touch screen assembly. Four, avoid direct lead picked up the touch screen, avoid is pulling action to lead position. Five, the lead wire reinforcement plate parts not bending to action. Six, lead any parts are not allowed to have folded in half. Seven, when lead wire assembly, insert must be level, to strengthen heel folded insert. Eight, take put products to single chip operation, the light to take light put, avoid collision and scratch products surface. Nine, when clean product surface, please use soft cloth ( Deerskin) With petroleum ether to wipe. Ten, do not use corrosive solvent wipe the touch screen membrane surface. Such as industrial alcohol. 11 don't stack, place the touch screen, the use of tray. Twelve when, in the assembly design and frame design, please note the following: a. Fixed pillar of touch screen frame must be in the visual area of the touch screen. b。 Frame must be in the operating area of the touch screen, frame in the visual area to operating interval cannot have pressure. c。 Suggested that fixed touch screen material for plastic material, the front part of the mat have contact with touch screen soft materials. d。 Do not use corrosive adhesive to stick on the surface of touch screen.
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