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Touch screen touch: let information zero distance

by:Toponetech     2020-07-11
Most of today's electronic products is a touch screen touch operation, keystrokes slowly withdraw from the stage; Now even a small remote control is touch. What let touch which yao comprehensive popularization, and what is the cause of touch screen touch become the standard of electronic products operating mode? Let's get together to concise analysis! With the content from the perspective of the nature of the more mobile phone is a tool; And tools means to us, is that we can through to its operation to complete a task. As we need through the chopsticks to get food to eat, via a comb hair, through the pen to write, we need to be done through to the operation of the phone calls, text messaging, Internet access, etc. That is, we and many tools, including mobile phones, the direct relationship between, is the operation; But because of the different to complete the task, the way we operate and different. In our touchscreen smartphones popular used in the world today, we to the operation of the mobile phone is through mobile phone keys. Both up and down, left and right direction, option of confirmation or deleted, as well as Numbers and text input, operation contents of all this, we need to input order via cell phone buttons, all through key feedback into the mobile phone again, finally to appear on the screen of the content of the feedback. That is to say, we in the whole operating process, to realize to control the content of the screen, we must through the button to complete; As a matter of fact, the content on the screen itself is important for us to the whole mobile operating; We can see it, but can't control it directly with our hands, cannot avoid process: between the keyboard. In touch on the phone, we do not need again with the content of the mobile phone screen by keyboard. We can through our hands directly touching the screen, while screen itself can take this and get instructions and direct feedback. The operation mechanism of feedback on the person's feeling, just like we interact directly with appear on the screen of the content, don't need the intermediate links; We will think of the mobile phone is more close to the distance between us, also appear more intelligent. Here we use a less but more appropriate image analogy: use keyboard phones like eat with chopsticks, with his hand and with a touch phone like direct hand pilaf to eat; Eliminate the factors of health obviously directly by hand pilaf is more simple and direct. However, in the case of using touch screen mobile phone, we will inevitably leave fingerprints on the screen, but compared with the touch of direct and convenient operation, everyone has don't care for.
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