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Touch screen to send screen in the future

by:Toponetech     2020-07-04
Indeed, today's touch-screen system is developed, and the emergence of the multi-touch capacitive screen has replaced the old single point touch, but always has been in development of science and technology has never ceased, touch screen and bring convenience to people when they bring wealth, touch screen and the future will be more selective and fast speed, next we introduce touch screen several areas of the development of the future. 1 hybrid touch technology for now touch technology in this field has a lot of, but not all technology: yes, every technology has certain drawbacks, it also hinders our choice for touch screen. In recent years, people began to put forward the concept of hybrid touch technology, and hybrid touch technology is used in a touch on the surface of two or two more touch recognition technology, make this a variety of touch technology quality achieves the goal of complementary advantages and disadvantages. This hybrid touch technology has been developed for the hybrid of capacitive and resistive touch screen, can support stylus at the same time and two-way operation and multi-touch finger, the touch technology has significantly improved the touchscreen recognition efficiency. 不。 This new type of tactile feedback 2 tactile feedback technology may let a person feel more science fiction, but tactile feedback technology is constantly brings convenient operation and good visual effect, but the lake green touch when tactile feedback to the user. The haptic feedback technology is due to a company based in the United States, technical principle is to use mechanical motor to simulate the beating, physics drops, damping and other sports real tactile effect, the technology is currently using more technology. No matter what the future have better technology, we should believe a word: in human development, while science has no end. Crown teck technology production screen wide application, strong selectivity, joint screen to the customer, all of them, and give the user a better experience of touch.
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