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Touch screen to replace buttons intelligent household in Touch times

by:Toponetech     2020-05-19
The keyboard in the role of consumer electronics products will be gradually replaced by other interface. One way is to use a set of customized configuration of touch key, and with the aid of a plastic film, keep everything clean and wash, such as many kinds of microwave oven on the buttons. Another method is to use of the popular touchscreen interface, it is a lot of new applications have been included in the design considerations. There are two reasons to promote the development of the touch screen. First of all, because the smart phones and car console application of mass production and technological progress, costs have been reduced. Followed by the flexibility, because screen display dynamic reconfiguration can be done, in every step in the process of user input show different soft keys. For the initial design has brought greater flexibility and improved the user interactivity. In addition, the user has very accustomed to using touch screen, and it is widely used in tablets, ATM, pump and other fields, so it became a security system control panel, intelligent temperature control interface, and even integrated smart home controller, such as the popular choice of various kinds of home automation devices. Of course, the user interface is not restricted to the touch screen technology. Some vendors are strongly into other technology research and development, such as user's voice commands and gestures/touch. But so far, these technologies do not yet have enough function, consistency, efficiency or cost advantage, make its can be among the popular household applications. May, however, they still have a certain advantage in some special situation, such as for some special people with disabilities. Resistive screen or capacitive screen? Touch screen can use resistor or capacitor technology. In simple terms, the resistance sensor using thin transparent conductive plastic top, elastic material, and with the separation of conductive glass layer ( See figure 2) 。 When user press the top, two conductive surface contact, path by the touch screen controller and resistance along the X axis and Y axis is measured, to identify the pressure points. Capacitive touch screen is also consists of two separate conductive layer, but the two layers are inelastic glass; Is a form of change is that the bottom is covered with a set of conductive grid lines ( See figure 3) 。 When a user fingers touch the glass on the surface of the capacitive, finger's own capacitance will lead to local electrostatic field distortion ( Because the human body is an electric charge conductor) 。 Touch screen controller will monitor the distortion caused by the capacitance change, is to measure the X and Y the two parties to, to determine the position of the finger touching the screen. Each method according to the requirements, make a trade-off between performance and user experience and cost. Generally speaking, the capacitance technology for small and medium-sized screen ( About 10 inches) Is more economical, because its costs will be increased obviously by size. It supports multiple refers to operate, gestures and enlarge/reduce operation, but for home automation and intelligent equipment in terms of user experience, these actions often do not need. Compared with the resistance screen, the capacitance screen brightness higher, this is because the underlying graphics source with less apart between the top layer. Also, this feature for most light good household environment is not the key factor. Different from resistance touch screen the top is thinner and with finger pressure, capacitive touch screen top thicker and USES scratch-resistant glass, and therefore more strong and durable. Later, for the same size, specific resistance capacitance technology demand for power is lower. Although low power is often a positive indicator, but for the ac power home automation system or touch-screen is only part of larger device applications, stands out the advantage of low power consumption is less important than at the scene of handheld devices. For most home automation controller and electric design, resistive touch screens with process features and cost advantages, will become in the future for a period of time. For household electrical appliances, we should remember the meaning of its predefined limited, function demand. Different from smartphone users in the touchscreen interface must be able to handle web pages, email and video both random and uncertain conditions, such as family or household appliance controller man-machine interface ( HMI) Function is more limited. It only needs to support a limited set of features, functions and user soft key, all of which can be defined in advance. This means that for scaling or fingers extra features such as drag and drop, do not need to have more complex and touch screen solution with additional features. Touch screen interface controller is a kind of typical resistance to a lot of home automation and home appliances such as do not need to touch screen can provide all the functionality of application, using a set of touch-sensitive button can satisfy the requirement of its user interface. This reduces the BOM cost and physical connections, the sealing surface compared with discrete mechanical switch has greater reliability.
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