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Touch screen to be used in the railway station self-service ticket machine is ease pressure in line

by:Toponetech     2020-07-11
There is more than a month of the New Year, every year go home New Year's day, rob tickets are trembling, sometimes just to, when payment, no ticket or only sro tickets left. Fortunately, the Internet is more and more developed, can buy a ticket in advance, and then on the day of the home it is ok to collect the tickets in advance, so that greatly ease the traffic lines go to window. Now basically under the jurisdiction of the city's railway station are installed the self-service ticket machine, as long as the brush card can we collect the tickets. Touch all-in-one PC is the collection of advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer technology as a whole, which can realize the public information query, match with fingerprints, micro peripherals like printers, scanners, card reader, which can realize fingerprint attendance, credit card, printing and other specific requirements. Touch screen with four, five line resistance screen and surface acoustic screen, infrared screen, holographic nano touch membrane at home and abroad excellent touch screen, such as can meet the application requirements of user different areas and sites. Touch all-in-one PC is a will touch screen and related software bundled together with outside packing to query USES touch products. Touch all-in-one real done will touch and control is an organic whole to role, greatly improved the work efficiency of people. The application of touch screen is more and more widely, touch the industry will develop better and better.
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