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Touch screen main classification and its working principle

by:Toponetech     2020-05-21
Though we tend to see or touch the touch screen, but not in the industry, also don't know how it will be able to run through his finger. Following crown teck today we know together. Touch screen is divided into several types? Taken together, mainly divided into five. From the technical principle to distinguish the touch screen, can be divided into five basic categories: vector pressure sensing technology, touch screen, resistance touch screen technology, capacitive touch screen technology, infrared technology, touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen technology. Vector pressure sensing technology touch screen has become relics. Touch screen infrared screen price is low, but the casing outside the fragile, easy to produce light interference, surface condition distortion; Capacitance screen design theory; Resistive screen location accurate, but its price is high, and the fear of vulnerability. Surface acoustic wave touch screen solved all kinds of flaws of the touch screen, clear physical, suitable for various occasions, water droplets, dust on the surface of the screen will be remedied makes touch screen as dull, don't even work. According to the working principle of touch screen and transmission of information media, we put the touch screen is divided into four kinds, respectively is resistive, infrared type, capacitance induction, and surface acoustic wave type. Touch screen is how to run? For operating convenience, people use touch screen instead of a mouse or keyboard. Work, we must first with your fingers or other objects touch display installed in front of the touch screen, then the system according to the fingers touch the icon or menu to locate the position selection information input. Touch screen consists of touch detection unit and touch screen controller; Touch detection unit installed in front of the display screen, used to detect the user touch position, after accept send a touch screen controller; The main function of controller and touch screen from the touch point detection device to receive touch information, and convert it to touch point coordinate, then to the CPU, it also can receive commands from the CPU and enforce them.
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