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Touch screen is to rely on what principle of induction?

by:Toponetech     2020-07-18
Along with the continuous development of science and technology innovation, the living standard of people more and more is also high, touch screen is also for people's work and life has brought a lot of convenient, in the market application is also very hot, we are in contact with fresh things, will be very curious, it is to use what kind of technology, it can be enough to use, our touch screen is the same, so you know what touch screen is to rely on the principle of induction? We guide you to know about the below. The human touch screen by induction current work, touch installation with fingers or other objects in front of the touch screen monitor, then system according to the fingers touch the icon or menu to locate the position selection information input. Touch screen consists of touch detection unit and touch screen controller; Touch detection unit installed in front of the display screen, used to detect the user touch position, after accept send a touch screen controller; The main function of controller and touch screen from the touch point detection device to receive touch information, and convert it to touch point coordinate, then to the CPU, it also can accept and execute command from the CPU. Touch screen as a kind of new computer input device, it is one of the most simple, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction. It adds new look to the multimedia, it is very attractive new multimedia interactive devices. Mainly used in the public information query, leadership office, industrial control, military command, electronic games, so I take your order, multimedia teaching, real estate open to booking, etc. Crown teck touch screen professional manufacturers custom, has rich experience in the industry, workmanship, superior quality, strict quality management system, perfect after-sales service.
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