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Touch screen in the 21st century impetus to the development of self-help products, saving manpower efficiency

by:Toponetech     2020-06-25
This busy city with the world in shenzhen, prices keep soaring, artificial is comparable to high day. Many enterprises will face high labor and face recruitment difficult situation. Now generally migrant workers are 90, 00, after they were born s good, a lot of parents for their life, basically have the general planning, basically don't want to far from home, thus giving some developed city, unit of choose and employ persons the impact, the artificial high, recruitment difficult situation. Although in this case, to economic development, living standards to improve. Man's wisdom is unlimited, the enterprise has certain market demand, the development of some products, can replace artificial to operate from early robots, till now some intelligent terminal products, such as: silver self-service ticket machine, hospital self-service ticket machine printing, the restaurant's self-help order machine, a series of self-help products such as high-performance products, save the human and time, also improve the working efficiency, the main have a series of diy products, also save artificial, realized their own things, from already do, changed the past stay calm, etc. , queuing, jump the queue. , at the same time improve the humanistic quality, to create harmony. In the process of waiting in line at the same time enjoy a time, do two things, also save your own time. Self-service machine is how operation, then we let crown teck photoelectric co. , LTD. Of shenzhen colleagues to tell unship, self-help products how to implement this function, how to construct? Interface of capacitive touch screen around it, the touch screen using advanced yellow light technology, USES toughened glass, and glass sensor, the touch of 10 o 'clock, light transmittance of 91%, by finger touch and screen form capacitor, the capacitance change between fingers and the screen to get touch believe interest rates, the characteristic is to screen the hard screen, touch sensitive. General self-help products touch screen is in 17 to 21. Between 5 ', in the face of such a large screen, also only crown teck production of capacitive touch screen, 10 to meet, now with these diy products, industrial control industry or smart home is.
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