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Touch screen has been popular since birth

by:Toponetech     2020-05-21
Touch screen attention since birth. Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1982 the U. S. pavilion at the world trading, exhibition of the 33 TV set to use new transparent touch sensitive panel, for many people, this is the first time to watch and use the touch screen. In our country in 1991, touch screen, and then just agent of infrared type and capacitive touch screen products abroad. Infrared touch screen technology in our country in 1993 basic mature, during that time, gradually produce the original touch Kiosk self-service machine. Touch the application of touch screen technology in our country although only more than 20 years of time, but it has become the keyboard, mouse, tablets, voice input after become accepted by ordinary people easy way of computer input. Because using this technology, the user as long as gently with fingers to touch the glyphs on the computer screen or text can be done to the host operating, more bluntly when making the human-computer interaction, this technique has greatly helped users, very suitable for multimedia information query. At the same time, this way of human-computer interaction gives multimedia new look, is a very attractive new multimedia interaction equipment. 19% years, gave birth to our first since the main development of touch all-in-one buffet. IPhone's launch in 2007, become a milestone in the development of touch screen industry. Apple put a need at least 20 key mobile phone, designed to only three or four key, the remaining operations are all to a touch screen. In addition to give the user more direct and convenient operating experience, also the appearance of cell phone has become more fashionable frivolous, increased the man-machine interactive and kindness, consumer enthusiasm, at the same time also opens up a touch screen to mainstream manipulation interface. With the development of computer technology and network technology, touch screen has been widely used in pos pos now self-service machine, information equipment, amusement equipment, computer-based training and simulation, medical equipment, mobile and handheld systems, industrial control equipment, office automation equipment, information appliances and other fields, it has penetrated into every aspect of people's life. At present, the touch screen has become more and more widely application scope, from the industrial use of equipment control, operating system, public information query electronic query facilities, commercial use cash machines, to consumer electronics mobile phone, PDA, digital cameras and so on all can see the figure of the touch screen. Of course, there is still widely used in mobile phones. In 2008, according to research institutions ABIResearch report, adopt touch screen mobile phone shipments to be more than 100 million units, adopt touch screen mobile phone shipments in 2012 is expected to more than 500 million units. There are signs that the touch screen application in consumer electronics products range is from the phone's screen, and other areas of the small size up to more laptop screen size. Currently, dell, HP, Fujitsu, asus and other first-line laptop brand factory vendor plans to have a touch screen laptop or UMPC. Current laptop on equipped with touch screen, of course, if you can, from l. a. in the low-cost laptop or UMPC, expanded to 14 in more mainstream notebook computer market, the industry is still debatable. Because for mainstream a laptop or a desktop, consumers have more accustomed to using the keyboard and mouse input, not like a small notebook computer, because it can hold the keyboard quantity is limited, need to assist touchscreen, achieve more intuitive man-machine communication. The current touch computer is given priority to with All in one desktop computer, industry also launched a few multi-touch note book computer test market reaction. Due to the Windows 7 operating system supports multi-touch applications directly, compared with general touch computing machine only supports single refers to the screen operation, multi-touch computer can two fingers to flip photos, graffiti, write, adjust Windows operating, etc.
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