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Touch screen dry goods Four touch forms of touch all-in-one

by:Toponetech     2021-10-18
Today, the editor of the touch screen manufacturer Rongguan Optoelectronics Technology brings you dry goods. According to the operation principle of the touch screen, the touch screen of the touch all-in-one machine can be divided into the following four forms! The first type: infrared touch screen The principle of infrared touch technology has been repeatedly introduced several times in the previous article, so I will not elaborate here! The advantage of infrared touch is that it is not affected by the environment, not afraid of stains, not afraid of long-time clicks, and has a longer lifespan! Among the common four types of touch driving, infrared touch is the only technology application that can achieve large-scale. What counts as a large size? The touch all-in-one manufacturer Rongguan defines it as a large size above 65 inches. Nowadays, touch all-in-ones on the market can even be more than 200 inches! Infrared touch is a touch produced by infrared light emitting infrared technology, so when an object touches the touch surface, the infrared light will brighten and dim to produce touch operation, so as long as the lamp tube is not broken, you can always achieve precise touch. At present, infrared The service life of the all-in-one touch machine can reach 70 million clicks! Type 2: Acoustic touch screen Acoustic touch screen uses the principle of acoustics. In the straightforward point, it uses the principle of vibration of sound waves to convert the sound waves into touchable signals to realize the touch function. The most feared thing about the sound wave touch screen is stains. If there are stains hindered Sound wave conversion. The sonic touch screen is basically invisible on the market now, and the sonic touch screen is not big. Type 3: Capacitive touch screen. The principle of capacitive touch screen. In simple terms, it performs touch operations according to the current strength, so the touch sensitivity of the touch screen is caused by the current. The current smart phones on the market such as Apple mobile phones, Samsung mobile phones, etc. It is the capacitive screen. In the touch all-in-one machine, the capacitive touch screen is generally used on small-size touch all-in-one machines. It is not that large size cannot be made. Even if it is made, the cost is quite high. It is not suitable for consumers to choose, and it is not cost-effective. ! The touch products made by Rongguan Optoelectronics Technology use capacitive touch screens for multi-touch. We are mainly engaged in touch all-in-one machines, advertising machines, and touch inquiry all-in-one machines. Touch screens have been produced for many years. Please contact us for business needs. Type 4: Resistive touch screen Although the resistive screen has gradually withdrawn from the market, everyone is not unfamiliar when it comes to resistive screens. In the initial stage of smartphones, many copycat mobile phones are made of resistive screens. His principle is based on Deformation occurs according to the pressure, and a touch response occurs after the two contact surfaces are in contact! So in the past, resistive touch screen mobile phones needed to be pressed hard when they were turned on! At present, resistive touch screens are generally used below 32 inches, and their lifespan is relatively short!
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