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by:Toponetech     2021-10-21
The National Day holiday in 2018 is over. I have to say goodbye to the seven-day holiday, which is a little trance. But thinking about the single digits left in the bank card, I was immediately full of energy again. So I went to the garage and drove. After starting, I suddenly found that my car had something wrong, the navigator's touch screen was malfunctioning, and the car went on strike. There was no response at all. It was really anxious to tell me what to do with Lu Chi. Thanks to the omnipotent network, there is a solution after a search. The solution to the failure of the car navigation touch screen is now shared with you. Car navigation touch screens are not sensitive, and there are many situations where car navigation touch screens fail, which can be distinguished according to the category of car navigation devices. Car touch screens include resistive screens, capacitive screens, and some are button-type. My situation is like this. The frequency of navigation has been relatively high. Recently, I found that there is no response at all when I click on the car navigation touch screen button. I re-plugged the memory card N times, but it still didn’t work. Solution: Find the restart (restore factory settings) button on the phone, which is a small built-in button, which can be found on the back or side of the phone. All GPS navigators have this button (used after crashing); After restarting, check if there is any response on the screen, and if there is a response, take the time to calibrate the screen in the settings, and it will be fine after calibration. It's fine after my restart calibration, haha. By the way, the configuration of my touch screen is really not very good, and I must change it decisively if something happens next time. There are also many manufacturers that customize car touch screens. Familiar friends said that the Rongguan touch screen is well-customized, and the Mercedes-Benz GLS system car touch screen has been working with them for a long time. It is decisively collected and convenient for urgent use.
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