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Touch screen based on common sense

by:Toponetech     2020-07-05
The so-called touch screen, from market definition, is a kind of everyone will use computer input device, or one person can use to communicate with the computer equipment. In a nutshell, touch screen is touch induction medium with fingers or other direct contact to touch display computer operation of an input device. It is a computer user interface friendly interface. Easy to learn, everyone will use, is the basic characteristics of touch screen, this keyboard or mouse, cannot be compared with. Everyone will use, it marks a real computer application popularization era. Touch screen is acceptable touch the induction of input signals, such as display device, when touching the touch screen graphical button on the screen, touch screen tactile feedback system can be realized according to the program in advance to the operation of the computer. Touch screen desirable mechanical button panel, and through the display screen shows a vivid audio effect. Touch screen to popularize and apply extensively in the national production, living, direct stimulation of the touch screen technology research and development and production of the product, now touch screen has permeated almost every conceivable application field. Touch screen is convenient, simple and natural means of computer input, completely don't understand the computer to operate the computer. Users watch display content, want to choose what simply by hand touch, people can through the touch screen operation control system and query the information of interest. With the increasing of multimedia information query, people are increasingly applied to the touch screen, touch screen can not only meet the needs of my the multimedia information query, but also strong and durable, fast response, save a space, easy communication and many other optimal point. Using this technique, the user as long as gently with fingers touching the glyphs on the computer screen or text can be done to plan the computer to operate, thus make the human-computer interaction is more straightforward, this technology greatly facilitate the users who didn't understand the computer operation. Touch screen is suitable for information query input devices, developed countries are actively developing the with touch screen, touch the touch screen also developed from low-grade to high-grade, from infrared type, resistance type development to the capacitance induction, now development are at the surface acoustic wave touch screen and five line resistive touch screens, more and more superior performance. Such as surface acoustic wave touch screen, installation is a piece of pure without any sticker cladding glass, both from the definition and mature presages a touch screen products from durable degree of the arrival of the era. From the consideration on the touch screen precision, sensitivity and impermeability, should choose capacitive or resistive touch screen. Both by use of electricity in the corners of the screen, glass screens are directly fixed on the display. Resistive touch screen resistance network seal to the position of the sensor touch in the screen, it can feel the touch of any object, relative to other types of touch screen, resistive touch screens have high reliability, applicable to all kinds of industrial environment. For operating convenience, people use touch screen instead of a mouse or keyboard. Work, must first with your fingers or other objects touch display installed in front of the touch screen, and then the system according to the fingers touch the icon or menu to locate the position selection information input.
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