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Touch screen applications: of two touchscreen first new car system

by:Toponetech     2020-07-13
More and more new control becomes a big touch screen, although the visual effect is good, but it has the disadvantages of easy wrong operation, solution to now. On April 24, 2016, a car research and development ( Beijing) Shows its next generation of multimedia interactive system engineering prototype, and the product will be applied on the next generation of cars in the first place. According to introducing, the next generation of automotive touch system will be fully function of touch screen interface is mainly composed of upper and lower two pieces of the OLED technology display, location depend on screen size to 10. 1 inch, the bottom of the screen size is 8. 6 inches. Through the upper screen can play music, set up navigation operations, such as the lower part of screen can be completed, seat heating or air conditioning system of ventilation function Settings. With mobile phones, tablets, similar operation, the next generation of automotive touch system is by click on the screen, sliding, such as simple operation, can enter the corresponding interface, to realize the corresponding function. , such as: the navigation, the search box will appear on the screen above, while the driver can put his hand on the way, and through the following screen input you want to go to the site. In addition it is worth mentioning that the next generation of automotive control systems will also have a similar Apple 3 d Touch Touch technology, audi is called tactile feedback. When a user instructions, the fingers need to slightly hard, at the same time, the screen will give users a tactile feedback in the form of vibration, in order to tell the user machine has received the instructions issued by the car. The aim is to ensure that users in the process of driving, the accuracy and effectiveness of each instruction implementation, prevent children inside the random sliding on the screen, causing some wrong operation.
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