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Touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-07-20
In the age of 7 to Thinkpad X230T represented by the touch screen is not too big flutter, but after doing era coming, each big company to launch doing + touch screen bundled sales model, what does it mean? 1) How to change the user habit will have? ( For example, we will be like in the use of a large doing mobile phone? ) 2) Software design and operation will have what change? ( Such as the interface button will do more to fingers instead of the mouse operation? ) 3) For the selfishness of ask, now with more expensive launch Windows 7 not bad touch screen and converted into a touch screen laptop ( Such as the x1 Carbon) And is it worth it? Tablets and laptops are two complementary requirements, rather than the containment relationship. Tablet users want to use at any time, the weight is light enough, not enough strong multi-tasking, but quickly reach the goal. Picked up a tablet, for example, some open map query; Or lying on the sofa, with a flat, open the video to watch. Such as toilet hand flat brush again. Touch the comprehensive operating system for optimization, which requires the fingers moving distance is short, functional areas or button straightforward enough. Laptop can cover the whole function of the tablet before, but with the tablet, if you want to continue to occupy the market, the laptop must be above the weaknesses of the tablet bitter effort. Such as the need to click the PhotoShop, games, such as viewing area size and a large number of words, form processing. This requires the operating system as far as possible concise interface, to adapt to the precise click of the mouse, rather than the clickable region of large area like touch system. Microsoft's doing tablet and laptop force is a kind of helpless, want to carry the superiority of Microsoft in the desktop OS, pours in the field of tablet, Windows tablets of trying to rebuild a advantage. But such a move is not in conformity with the tablet and the function of the notebook. User is not willing to hold 1, 2 kg of touch screen notebook brush weibo lying down, also don't want to rely on a weak performance of the small screen tablet to deal with the pictures. Unless the hardware configuration have big development 'of cross-cutting, can achieve the unity of the high performance and ultra-mobile, otherwise the wishful thinking of the Microsoft is doomed to fail. Back to the problem, 1. From now on, touch screen will be a high configuration of the standard configuration of notebook computer, and the morphology of PC will be more diversified, notebook and tablet can fusion of there is no better form. The user habit I can't predict what will change, but people will start to adapt to have a touch screen laptop. 2. To adapt to the touch screen software will more and more, along with the unceasing innovation, adapted to the design of the touch screen will appear constantly, everything has just begun.
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