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Touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-05-22
Our country has become a global flat-panel display industry. Since the 21st century, the state attaches great importance to the development of information industry, as the global manufacturing industry transfer to China, as well as the rapid development of domestic electronic information industry, electronic special equipment manufacturing industry has achieved rapid development in our country, the main business revenue growth quickly, capacitive touch screen industry develop rapidly. In 2012 world market share of Chinese panel for 9. 9%, become the world's third-biggest flat-panel display production. To 2013, the flat panel display industry scale up to 107 billion yuan, rose 44. 6%, to 11 in the global market share of ascension. 4%, the industry to achieve full production with sales. Flat display industry in China continue to maintain rapid growth in 2014, according to industry sales revenue reached 140 billion yuan, increased by 30%, compared to the same global market share of about 17%. In 2015, the global flat-panel display, annual output value will remain around 5% growth in China will maintain rapid growth of around 40%, global market share in the next two years is expected to rise to 20%. Although the touch screen industry scale continues to expand, but also need to realize that the development of the industry inflection point was approaching. Smartphone and tablet touch screen is the main downstream applications, our global shipments of tablets and smartphones data analysis, although the global shipments of tablets and smartphones are on the increase, but growth slowed sharply. Car navigation touch screen, wearable devices, public display ( Industrial control touch screen) , intelligent household and other fields is considered is the touch screen industry's future development direction. Current car touch screen and wearable equipment main occupation is small and medium size in the market, and public display in the face of large size in the market, to the education, transportation, entertainment areas such as infiltration. More than a few areas have great development space, perhaps the new growth point of the industry in the future. According to relevant statistics show that in 2015, vehicle-mounted touch screen size of the market will continue to expand, shipments will be more than 90 million units. Touch screen control in the market development, education, transportation, entertainment areas such as infiltration promoted the rapid growth of the market, At present, the our company's touch screen has involved electronic whiteboard, Banks, advertising machine) 。 Wearable devices will have a positive on touch screen applications, the development of stimulation, lightweight, flexible, design character and environment friendly requirements will affect the new display industry development direction in the future. Without a close aggregation, there won't be a fusion of passion, some current stimulate popular new word: 'new three board', entrepreneurship, innovation, financing, and so on words constantly appeared in front of you, don't know if you have any new ideas, have impulse to give yourself a brave of reason? ……
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