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Touch panel market: embedded has surpassed plugins

by:Toponetech     2020-07-21
IHS, according to a report in 2016 the global embedded type total shipments of 8 touch module. 200 million pieces, which accounts for more than 50% overall handset touch module, it is a landmark change, shows after a long time of research and development and efforts, panel factory already have changed, and dominate the touch industrial technology and capability. IHS analysis, and the touch panel display panel factory director long, all is in a state of intense competition, the company in the early generations iphone USES the case and glass ( GG) External touch solutions, but starting from the 2012 release of the iphone 5 launch its own patent embedded ( 细胞) The touch panel. At the same time, samsung display also began in 2015 a large number of supply its carry out embedded ( 细胞) Touch technology of active organic light emitting diode ( AMOLED) Display panel to mainland China brands, called super AMOLED, which makes this kind of product, share jumped from 15% in 2015 to 20% in 2016. In addition to the mobile phone, display panel factory will also be embedded touch to the electric field, make laptops embedded type touch city share from September in 2015. Soared from 4% to 26% in 2016. Mainly driven by dual function laptop in one laptop with touch screen, both portable tablet computers and traditional personal computer ( PC) Operating characteristics, driving embedded touch panel in the laptop market share. At the same time, laptop brand manufacturers are willing to use embedded touch screen, because it can help to reduce the overall thickness and weight of the product. In contrast, external touch, once a single piece of glass ( og) Now shipments only less than 38 million, and hanging out inside add two pieces of glass membrane (large share of GFF) Structure also awkward situation, the GFF is the case in touch performance is relatively good, but its disadvantage is the price is relatively high, the thickness is relatively thick. So as embedded touch volume, prices falling, the GFF is born the brunt of the impact, especially panel factory also in spare no effort to develop low cost embedded ( 在- - - - - - 细胞) Scheme, squeezed GFF city share will inevitably suffer.
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