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Touch Monitor Scratch Resistance Test

Touch Monitor Scratch Resistance Test


This 19-inch touch monitor uses G+G top tempered glass structure on the front, and a metal cover on the back to protect the internal circuits. It has a good texture, 1920*1080 high-definition resolution, TFT and multi-touch function, and maintains Top One Tech’s independent design tradition.

The surface cover of the G+G capacitive screen is tempered glass, its surface is very hard, the hardness can reach more than 8H, as long as it is not polished with super-hard objects such as quartz, emery paper, generally there is no need to film and there is no need to worry about scratches. The touch display panel has a very important function, and the biggest difference between the display and the traditional PC is that itis operated by touching. Our fingers may have thousands of "intimate contact" with the panel every day. Therefore, it is very important that the panel has a scratch-resistant function. How is the scratch-resistant function of the touch display screen produced by Top One Tech? For this reason, we have selected the key and the knife as tools for the scratch test.

The key is a common item in life, and it is also a relatively sharp metal product. We use the key to scrape back and forth on the screen. From one key to multiple keys, the intensity gradually increases. The screen is scratched hard for about half a minute. There have no scratches left.

Is the key not sharp enough? Don't worry, let's take a look at the result of a sharper knife scratching the screen. We scraped the knife back and forth on the screen. After a few scratches, we observed that the screen did not leave any scratches.

So we continued to increase our strength, rubbing and cutting again. Finally, I even used it as a cutting board for cutting vegetables. We sliced apples, watermelons, and hard cuts on them. The knife edge was in direct contact with the screen. Finally, after we wiped it with a cotton cloth, the screen was still intact.

After a series of scratch tests, we have verified that the display panel is very strong and with a high level of scratch resistant, and there is no need to worry about being scratched by objects during use. This is just one of the thousands of touch monitors randomly selected for testing. Each Top One Tech product can withstand the scratch-resistant test. We strictly control the quality of the product, optimize each production process, and ensure that the perfect product is delivered to the customer. If you have any questions, please consult.

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