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Touch LCD whiteboard why so popular?

by:Toponetech     2020-05-25
LCD electronic whiteboard outside market demand vigorously promote, many manufacturers have joined the touch all-in-one PC market, and have launched a new touch all-in-one PC products. Among many new products, have to mention is using LED splicing technology touch all-in-one PC products. Because the touch a liquid crystal white board has high brightness, delicate picture many characteristics, and high color saturation by domestic and foreign manufacturers unanimously favored. According to incomplete statistics, China has about 12 million classrooms, and in 2009 before touch all-in-one equipment rate of less than 2%. Therefore, the personage inside course of study boldly predicted that the next ten years, touch all-in-one PC market in China will produce tens of billions of the size of the market. And touch all-in-one PC with its many advantages, coupled with the great support of the international manufacturers will become the mainstream product in future touch all-in-one PC market, is widely applied in the medium school. In applications, due to the LCD screen through special processing, electronic whiteboard products with scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, impact resistant, and screen the counter-attack light, scattering technology; Display is not affected by light, infrared, writing screen no shadow. Writing without special pen at the same time, a finger or other articles stick can be writing, drawing, and the implementation of file edit, notation, save the operations, etc. Touch LCD whiteboard, well solve the issues faced by traditional electronic whiteboard. Such as, the traditional projection when using electronic whiteboard collocation, the shade of light issues encountered by the teacher; Too much like traditional electronic whiteboard and peripheral equipment, lead to make the classroom seems relatively cumbersome wiring when installation and untidy; Again like many traditional electronic whiteboard use special pen, and so on. Touch LCD whiteboard due to all application equipment all in one, a school need to each classroom is equipped with a product like this interactive teaching can be realized, so that users in both capital investment and later in the installation and maintenance of saving a lot of manpower material resources. And crucially, the teacher with your fingers can directly on the LCD screen do any operation, very convenient. Feedback, according to a lot of manufacturers, the current user demand for touch LCD whiteboard is gradually increasing. Taken together, although touch all-in-one PC LCD whiteboard are latecomers, but its manufacturer's camp has considerable scale. In the liquid crystal Mosaic manufacturer, under the push of a touch liquid crystal white board has become one of the important trend of the development of electronic whiteboard market in the future. Industry experts said, even a touch liquid crystal white board in the future will probably replace the traditional projector and whiteboard, will be one of the mainstream of the multimedia teaching equipment in the future.
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