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Touch is everywhere: Smart home user interface usher in the era of touch screen

by:Toponetech     2021-10-23
The role of the keyboard in consumer electronic products will gradually be replaced by other interfaces. One way is to use a set of customized professional touch buttons and use a plastic film to keep everything clean and washable, such as the buttons used on many microwave ovens. Another method is to use the popular touch screen interface, which is being continuously included in design considerations in many new applications. There are two reasons that have promoted the development of touch screens. First of all, due to the mass production and technological advancements brought about by smartphones and car console applications, costs have been reduced. The second is flexibility, because the screen display can be dynamically reconfigured to display different soft keys during each step of the user's input. This brings greater flexibility to the initial design and improves user interaction. In addition, users are very accustomed to using touch screens, and they are widely used in tablet computers, ATMs, air pumps and other fields, so it has become a security system control panel, smart temperature control interface, and even integrated smart home controllers and other home automation Of course, the popularity of devices is that the user interface is not limited to touch screen technology. Some vendors are investing heavily in the research and development of other technologies, such as user voice commands and gesture/touch. But so far, these technologies do not have enough functions, consistency, benefits, or cost advantages to make them a popular household application. However, they may still have certain advantages in some special occasions, such as for some special disabled people. The touch screen can use resistive or capacitive technology. Each method is based on requirements, weighing between performance, user experience, and cost. Generally speaking, capacitive technology is more cost-effective for small and medium-sized screens (approximately 10 inches) because its cost will increase significantly with size. It supports operations such as multi-finger operations, gestures, and zoom in/out, but these operations are often not needed for home automation or smart device user experience. Compared with resistive display screens, capacitive display screens have higher brightness because there are fewer layers between the bottom graphics source and the top layer. Again, this feature is not a critical factor for most home environments with better light. Unlike resistive touch screens whose top layer is thin and require finger pressing, capacitive touch screens are thicker and use scratch-resistant glass, which makes them more durable. For household appliances, we should keep in mind the meaning of their predefined, functionally limited requirements. Different from the user's touch screen interface in smart phones that must be able to handle random and uncertain situations such as web pages, emails, and videos, the human-machine interface (HMI) functions of household appliances or home controllers are more limited. It only needs to support a limited set of features, functions and user soft keys, all of which can be predefined. This means that for additional features such as zoom or finger drag and drop, there is no need for a more complex touch screen solution with additional features.
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