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Touch industrial tablet in the application of remote monitoring system

by:Toponetech     2020-08-24
Project introduces distributed energy is distributed in the client's comprehensive utilization of energy and energy systems. Wind, solar, gas power generation, etc are all distributed energy utilization way. Gas power generation is one of the most stable mode of distributed power, good cold and hot electricity trigeneration power systems can improve the efficient of gas power generation by more than 95%. In April 2011, the National Energy Administration issued to build 1000 gas distributed energy projects, popularize the use of distributed energy system in a big city in 2020, the installed capacity of 50 million kilowatts. System description 1. Crown teck industrial tablets for the main control device of scene generator, responsible for on-site equipment state and generator operation system control; 2. Crown teck industrial tablet computer data acquisition as a distributed collection generator oil temperature and oil pressure; 3. Crown teck touch tablet embedded crown teck industrial configuration software as the man-machine interface of the scene generator, responsible for real-time monitoring, report management, local equipment and remote data server in the center of the docking; 4. Crown teck configuration software monitoring data field devices, and is responsible for the data forwarding a remote data center, around the remote management software according to the center is responsible for the data collection after the entry to the local database, and provides the service center of maintenance personnel operation and maintenance process; 5. Crown teck industry tablet real-time library is responsible for the data center data storage. Summarize customer crown teck was chosen as our overall solutions provider, is one of the few industrial tablets four generations as a new generation of programmable automation controller, convenient for the user to the design of field application, signal acquisition and packaging, industrial computer as the man-machine interface of the generator, is responsible for the real-time monitoring, report management, local equipment and remote data server in the center of the docking, the development of remote software collected data through the public network for each generator equipment, at the same time can through the remote management more convenient vendor's service and maintenance. Industrial real-time database which can realize large amount of data for preservation, and in accord with multiple user query conditions reduce the cycle of the query.
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