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Touch: give you a more rich and clear world

by:Toponetech     2020-07-21
Since the beginning of the phone, actually has been facing the problems of the screen. Especially when people are endowed with more and more functions on mobile phones, from text and photos to see the video, play games, and then various applications and games, the screen need to present the content of the more and more in number, more and more complex in the species. It's about the quality of the mobile phone screen and size have the higher requirements. Several common mobile phones in the era of buttons, the style is: straight board, flip and slide. The straightforward handset front is divided into two parts, the screen and keyboard keyboard have greatly limit the size of the screen, also greatly reduces the screen ratio, in this way, can present the contents of the phone's screen is limited by many. It was also because of this, only the cover and slide phone to make up for the inadequacy of the screen size is too small. But even so, 09 of nokia's flagship machine fire N96 screen size only 2. 8 inches. And now the touch screen mobile phone, first from the iPhone 3 of previous generations. 5 inch screen, to samsung on i9200 one-time starting 6. 3 inches and no difference in number of mobile phone manufacturers to 4. 5 inches to 5. 5 inches, mobile phone after get rid of the bondage of the keyboard, on the size of opening a slice of a larger space, thus easier on presentation of content, more in line with the requirements of the mobile Internet era. With the increase of screen size, of course, the resolution of the touch screen mobile phone promotion is also a day, from the original iphone 4 329 ppi retina screen of amazing world, to now have even arrived at 2 k screen time. In touch screen mobile phone is exquisite, delicate, bright touch-screen era, people can't stand that wear eye of pixels in the mobile phone keyboard particles. If the smart phone for us to create a colorful mobile Internet world, so it is a touch screen that make everything in the world become more clear, more beautiful. Actually touch screen mobile phone is more and more accepted by the world, it is the life of people with the development of science and technology and change the inevitable. Key mobile phone really made contributions for people, but the arrival of the touch screen mobile phone is an irreversible trend, because no matter from which Angle to say, the experience of touch screen mobile phones than mobile phones. Mr Jobs's greatness lies in, he saw the trend prospectively, and then through the iPhone it, and shaped it from the specific implementation, set the benchmark for the industry. So, we will see, even though there are many small want to break the current operating system dominated by iOS and android mobile operating system pattern, without exception, but they are also in the operating system on the interface of touch screen. Touch screen mobile phone actually and one more thing: the benefits of it more and more delicate, in the design on the handle is more and more rounded, more and more on modelling approach integration, it is more and more detached machine tool of the era of attributes and functions as a work of art. In short, it is more and more beautiful.
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