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Touch everywhere, touch screen the infinite future

by:Toponetech     2020-07-22
From the advent of smart phones, touch screen touch industry ushered in the rapid development of this kind of way of human-computer interaction, quickly changed people's life, for a while, touch screen touch everywhere, extend from smart phones to tablets, to touch many touch screen in the field of commercial products, can say people's acceptance to touch touch and ushered in the new peak demand. Touch screen has become an indispensable part of our life, people are using mobile phone, tablet, ATM machine and so on all kinds of terminal is largely dependent on touch. But from the university of Toronto and the university of alberta, Autodesk laboratory scientists were not satisfied, they are trying to make is ubiquitous touch touch screen operation more convenient. In development of this 'magic fingers' ( 神奇的手指) Will touch technology shifting from the touch screen to the wearer's finger. Around with it, you can be in touch on any surface, touch screen will become ubiquitous. Is developing the magic finger is unremarkable. The above that LED lights to make it looks more like a bunch of kids clothing design to ET. This conceptual prototype a Velcro, which is a kind of ring, through a few wires connected to a box full of electronic components. Although this equipment looks very humble, but it can break the boundaries between reality and electronic world on nylon ring with two optical detector. The low resolution, a fast response speed ( 与- - - - - - 2620传感器) Is used to track the finger movement, its function is to put your finger into a mouse. More powerful magic fingers and a high resolution camera ( NanEye相机) Up to 32 different texture, it can detect the surface of the accuracy as high as 98%. This camera make magic fingers can identify you are touching the surface ( Such as leather bags, desktop or magazine) , and on the basis of these surface into different operating interface, or transfer the relevant information. Write good program according to the user's personal preference, magic fingers to ordinary objects around you become a digital interface. If your phone calls, but is not convenient to answer, just click on a cell phone bottoms it gently package it can be quiet; Gently only wear magic fingers user click Logo on the clothes, I will turn to a particular application or sent in advance to save a good text information; Use the gestures such as kneading, you don't even need to really touch to your tablet. Just click gently, specific information can be sent to your electronic devices. 。 So many requirements, nature also contributed to touch the market boom, many manufacturers have begun to enter the field, so it can be said to be a touch products, schools of thought contend. Believe in the near future, scientists will also bring us all kinds of novel touchscreen device, perhaps by that time touch really do it everywhere.
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