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Touch everywhere, touch screen can bring to smart home

by:Toponetech     2020-07-22
In the face of the tablet, mobile phone APP, such as computer control method of intelligent household, has the advantages of LCD touch screen, LCD touch screen is widely used, high frequency, the interaction effect is good. In actual life, mobile phone is not so convenient. If, for example, back to home, want to open a lamp, or open a scene mode, normal mode is the mobile phone, unlocked, into the corresponding function area, and then open the light, or open operation mode, more troublesome. But if background touch screen in the doorway, within easy reach of the position, you can easily open the lock, and functions of experience, even in the LCD touch screen can display of information, the current temperature and humidity. Main role and touch screen, centralized control, through a simple LCD touch screen can be achieved all the functions, and further improve on the existing functionality. Touch screen, in addition to the switch, cascade control, air conditioning control, scene setting, what is the function? Relative than ordinary button panel, or ordinary smart key panel and what's the difference? Touch screen, on which position, indoor lighting will be able to achieve any kind of color, this is one of the traditional mechanical switch, intelligent setting is a mechanical switch can't reach. In addition, the LCD screen, not only is the control side, but also the information in the home side, can be used as a data collection, such as the current humidity, temperature and so on crown teck, a company specializing in the production of custom all kinds of smart home touch screen of the high-tech enterprises, crown teck a touch-screen research and development, design, production, sales in the integration of high-tech electronics companies. Crown teck with professional technology, best products to you! ! !
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