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Touch everywhere, and the application of smart home touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-07-23
As a food fanatic, how could not break the walls of an exclusive machine? Since know the heating wall machine, has been not forget for a moment, want to obtain a! On the Internet is also a lot of home, a lot of brands. Consultation with customer service, also asked what friends recommend. Later, a mother recommend a brand. I was holding the trust friends, chose it home. Packaging not only ShiChen, very heavy! And very delicate and exquisite, looking at is tall! The main fuselage is very generosity, full computer intelligent color touch screen panel, operation simple and intuitive, appearance is very fashionable bright beautiful! With the rapid growth of mobile devices, the application of touch screen is becoming more common, also known as one of the convenient way of human-computer interaction. Experts predicted that the Internet in the next decade four big trends: screen, sharing, concentration and flow. The screen is in the place. To seize the user's attention and stimulate their share and experience requirements, cannot be short of a piece of the screen. Constant innovation of the screen, it seems that indicates a change in the about the touch screen is quietly. Current into the era of intelligent interaction, as human's standard of living is to move forward, all kinds of interactive methods also constantly improve, but at the age of intelligent, what we use as a human-computer interaction interface crown of photoelectric technology co. , LTD. , said other peers may be mentioned as system or a scene. And we think the new interface will be a liquid crystal display. From mobile phones, for example, the evolution process from old telephone, to the current apple, from buttons to do touch screen, including mainstream terminal android, Microsoft and so on, now everyone in adopting more flexible, more diversity of touch screen.
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