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Touch display technology into core - intelligent interaction Throughout all interconnected

by:Toponetech     2020-06-13
As a consumer electronics at CES vane, although has ended, but the remaining that is yet to be. In the CES exhibition, AI artificial intelligence, intelligent household, on-board display etc still show the original style, however, there is a kind of technology throughout the whole of the Internet of things intelligent industry chain, is the 'touch'. Touch display technologies are not rare, and not a new technology, our daily use of smartphones, the equipment is based on the technology, to achieve interconnection all things, even in the intelligent interactive industrial chain, a touch will throughout the next generation of intelligent terminal display technology. Touch display technology is mainly used for commercial display areas, such as automatic machines, KTV vod machine, the bank's ATM, and so on, we often see some of the equipment is inseparable from the daily life touch display technology, in addition, in the consumer market, the touch screen in a lot of displays and notebook also has applied, and you can also cooperate with professional stylus. In addition to the display equipment and household products, touch technology in the field of car also shine brilliantly. Mercedes-benz released on CES2018 new multimedia interactive system, increase the touch screen operation, intelligent voice assistant, and other functions, and can present a 3 d display effect, compared to the traditional entity key, the operating system more intelligent. Touch technology is also, of course, not just in the traditional sense of touch, and sense of touch, from a distance of science and technology or service early in some body feeling game, believe a lot of friends all had played, now in some high-end projector also increased the technology, this kind of touch technology, the key lies in the infrared touch sensors to detect the action of a man's hand, can allow multi-touch interaction. As throughout the whole of the touch of the development of the Internet of things technology for smart industries, have the effect of the core, more screen interaction, to promote the development of intelligent interconnection forward and many of the so-called 'black' of science and technology in the future are also based on this.
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