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Touch application solution of 18.5-inch touch monitor in vending machines

Touch application solution of 18.5-inch touch monitor in vending machines


Vending machines with built-in Top One Tech touch screens have become popular in public places such as squares, roadsides, and subway stations at home and abroad. Its novel form and noble image are consistent with the modern environment. High-definition touch large-screen display, bright colors and vivid pictures convey the extraordinary quality of the products intuitively and vividly, attracting customers to stop and know about it. Users do not need to know any computer operation knowledge, and they can get the desired products at the click of a finger.

18.5 inch touch monitor use in vending machine

Top One Tech's complete touch technology solutions can provide different specifications of touch monitors for different vending machines, and even customize special sizes for you, so you don't have to worry about finding the right product specifications. Touch monitors like 18.5 inches are the hottest specs. The product supports single-point and multi-touch functions, perfectly realizes operations such as clicking, drawing lines, dragging, and zooming in/out/rotating the display screen. The response speed is within 5ms, the sensitivity and position accuracy are high, stable and reliable, no drift, and more dust-proof, IP65 waterproof, UL60950 explosion-proof and other environmental characteristics, can adapt to various complex and harsh environments.

The professional structure design, hardware and software design team cooperates closely with many system integrators at home and abroad, and its products have won the favor of many domestic and foreign customers for their excellent performance and timely and thoughtful customer service.

Top One Tech is an international professional manufacturer of touch screens and touch monitors, providing a full range of touch product solutions, which are widely used in financial self-service, telecommunication services, public inquiry, advertising display, industrial control, electronic education, gaming and many other application areas.

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