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Touch all-in-one touch failure problem how to solve?

by:Toponetech     2020-07-05
With the widely application of the touch all-in-one, lightly will inevitably encounter some problems. A lot of new friends before touching the screen, feel can't achieve the effect of normal, many friends will guess there is something wrong with the screen? In fact, this time we can use some method to the problem of what is the real test, also can help us to quickly solve the problem. When touch all-in-one touch no reaction at this time we will detect the problem whether the USB interface connection touch screen. First to pull plug the USB cable, see if there are any good if there are no words to detect the USB cable is in good condition, if the USB cable is also good, finally see you the problem of USB interface of the host, this time we can take the mouse or the keyboard USB cable planted a try. If the host USB interface or USB cable has a problem, that is simple, we just change the. But if if these are no problem, so are likely to be the matter of the touch screen, this time we need to find the special maintenance personnel for maintenance. Infrared touch screen calibration, if the infrared touch screen touch migration is not accurate at this time, we can through the calibration software calibration of infrared touch screen calibration process is commonly: in turn on a few different positions of the screen shows a tag ( Such as' + ') , with a stylus or finger click on these tags, infrared screen is on display in four points, according to the upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right click calibration can complete correction in turn.
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