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Touch all-in-one product cooling function?

by:Toponetech     2020-07-06
In today's rapidly developing society, as a high-tech electronic touch products, touch all-in-one PC is widely used in various industries, and often are working 24 hours a day uninterrupted. As you all know, computer products in addition to the quality and performance, heat dissipation function of machine is also very important. A touching all-in-one product good cooling function of the difference is that you can directly affect the service life of the product, so is significant. If it is in the temperature cool weather was fine, even touch machine working 24 hours a day, as long as the machine quality is not too bad, heat dissipation is or can be, but if is in the hot summer, if touch all-in-one heat dissipation function is not good, it would be easy to malfunction. Here, let's take a look at the famous touch all-in-one PC manufacturer brand crown teck electronic touch all-in-one product cooling function. 1, crown teck indoor touch all-in-one with meeting? Cooling technology can now be subdivided into the fan cooling, water cooling, heat pipe cooling, cooling, heat dissipation, semiconductor cooling, etc. , with active cooling only commonly, for its high cooling efficiency than passive cooling and heat sink size smaller than passive cooling. Old radiator has, of course, don't adapt to the requirement of display operation for a long time, even under the air conditioning conference touch all-in-one. Fan cooling, for example, in the general interior is completely enough, but in the long run dust adsorption problem leads to increased heat. Crown teck industrial liquid crystal display, USES is not cooling systems, maintain a long-term continuous operation for a long time. If you are using the above purpose, general product when use the air conditioner should not wrong. Crown teck's products are in more than 40 degrees environment after 72 hours continuous test for sale, even in the hot summer can also be used to work as usual. 2, crown teck touch touch the 24 hours of outdoor advertising machine outdoor advertising machine, it really is facing the challenge of the summer, high temperature, solar radiation, internal components fever and in the south with wet weather also affect all let touch advertising machine collapse at any time. Because of the high temperature, dust, the fan cooling has been completely touch can not adapt to the outdoor advertising machine environmental requirements, can lead to a blank screen or internal damage, also accelerate the internal components ageing. At present, some products have achieved the air conditioning cooling, namely inside the cabinet to keep low temperature, with high temperature and humidity has a significant effect. In this remind you, in such a hot weather here, don't will touch the advertising machine cabinets vent, pronunciation mouth blockage, lest cause undesirable consequence.
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