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Touch all-in-one PC power enterprises to improve efficiency in the meeting room

by:Toponetech     2020-06-19
'Once upon a time in sunlight becomes slow, the car, and the horse, the mail is slow' this sentence is from the wood heart was slow. Compare the slower pace in the past, the contemporary society, the rhythm is faster and faster, especially in the high speed development of north wide, in carrying forward our times. In the busy city, the conference room now are playing an increasingly important position in the enterprise, the enterprise the pursuit of efficiency, so a good efficient meeting is particularly important for enterprises. Display equipment advanced meeting also needs to continue to improve, to keep pace with The Times. As the user demand more and more diversified, the meeting has not only confined to display function, more features are added, such as interaction, interactive, a series of functions such as writing. In the conference room on the big screen, can be directly through the fingers to touch screen, entirely replace the role of the mouse. Crown teck capacitive touch screen with touch 10, through the way of directly touching the screen, directly interact with the audience attending personnel, more vivid, more can let everyone into the meeting. Now business conference rooms, can omit wiring, just put the USB transfer screen is such a small device, plug in your laptop on the USB interface, one click, the signal can be realized in display screen wall, save time and effort, crown teck touch screen customization, help enterprises to better improve the efficiency.
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