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Touch all-in-one PC has what function?

by:Toponetech     2020-07-20
Along with the continuous development of science and technology innovation, the living standard of people more and more is also high, touching all-in-one also for people's work and life has brought a lot of convenient, touch-screen machine integrates the projector, audio equipment, cameras, microphones and other traditional meeting at a suit, but also touch screen, a collection of beauty and talent. Application is also very hot in the market, it can be seen in all fields. In fact in the conference room before the large scale, if carefully enough, you will find that life can be found everywhere in the touch screen machine. Buying homes and cars, for example, many brands can use touch screen machine for sand table display, or to make the customer VR house car. Government agencies will use touch screen machine for some party or policy propaganda to show the micro salon, Banks have amway products will use it. Apply to all walks of life, of course, usage is all-in-one PC with touch screen to improve the efficiency of the meeting, replace the cable is various, low efficiency of traditional conference equipment. 1, wireless all-in-one wireless screen with touch screen shots screen function 1, meeting tablet for the first time using the corresponding configuration is required, as long as the plug to the computer after gently press the wireless screen is $2, wireless cast light in the configuration of screen of good will normally on later. In addition can support 8 device to connect, then simply press the wireless voting screen can be transmitted by turns. If is meeting tablet flagship version can also realize split screen function, visual display scheme comparison. Touch screen all-in-one notation function, also can at any time mark, the content of the demo where I need to highlight pen directly on the screen is ok. 2, intelligent writing writing powerful touch screen machine, meeting tablet, for example, no marginal writing space, need not write like whiteboard wipe, abandoned the time-consuming 'read' mode. All-in-one PC with touch screen, the person's attention and thinking, is not easy to disturb rhythm, efficiency high naturally. When using intelligent writing function can also be a new page, meeting records can be directly generated qr code, the code can take away, after the meeting completely departed from the complicated tangle of before finishing meeting record. 3, video conference, long-distance communication cooperation, information sharing way often exist on the inconvenience complex, and so on and so forth. Cloud conference provides customers with comprehensive function combination, simple client design, easy to use. Without training can be used easily to fit and a key to click to quickly launch meeting. Meeting attendees by tablet, computer, mobile phone or tablet can easily join the meeting. Let meeting to get rid of the technical troubles, flexible open, efficient. About touch screen machine at present, our country there are many brands to choose from, but it can be a lot of fortune 500 companies choose only crown teck, visible with high efficient meeting rooms will become the future development trend of touch screen machine, it's time to upgrade the conference room with touch screen machine.
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