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Touch all-in-one PC applications

by:Toponetech     2020-05-23
Touch all-in-one changed every aspect of our lives, it into our life and work, greatly improved our efficiency. To the bank deposit and withdrawal, need not manual operation, as long as through the touch screen display, according to clew requirements can quickly achieve a goal; To the station to buy tickets, also don't have to ask the inclerry desk, multi-touch screen using the station, train number, arrival time, ticket prices and other information will be clear at a glance; Even now to the park, by multi-point touch screen can be pre-arranged pick-up lines, and detailed understanding of the scenic spots along the way. Touch screen why so popular? Touch screen machine is so widely into our lives, that it indeed has its unique advantage. First of all, this kind of machine using the multi-touch technology, has a good performance of human-computer interaction, although now computer has been more popular, but for some people, the old man and not commonly used computer using the keyboard still more difficult to operate, while the use of touch and query machine want to check what need only fingers gently touch points, you can get the answer, greatly facilitate the operation, especially for the elderly and children, is very convenient to use, so is very popular. Second, touch all-in-one PC can save a lot of space. Both businesses and services industry, in the propaganda need a lot of space to display their product information, but make billboards, written signs need to take up a lot of space, and touch-screen display good video and image display, as long as the hard disk is enough big, can show abundant information in the touch screen, can for each user to save a lot of advertising costs. Touch all-in-one touch the query all-in-one will play a greater role in the current application prospect is very wide, not only is a bank, electricity, tax and other industries business queries used frequently, in the government information, public information consultation, multimedia teaching, etc, also played a big role, experts predict that in the near future will also touch screen machine into the family, become indispensable household help, we are looking forward to one day experts predict will become a reality, let touch all-in-one bring us more help.
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